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Adding an asterisk*- Blogging with passion

Adding an asterisk*- Blogging with passion

I had someone admiring my rather unothordox methods of getting the shot on the streets of NYC.  They proceeded to ask me what it was for and I said my blog. They asked if that’s what I did and I explained my background as a fashion designer but that yes, my blog was my current project.

It was a weird feeling. I felt the need to justify my role in this space. That I wasn’t JUST a blogger, that I was a designer who blogged. Now, I’m very proud of my blog and all the effort I’ve put into it. I’ve worked seriously hard to level up to the people who have been doing it so much longer than I have.

So i decided to reflect why I felt the need to justify my work. Why, when I love what I’m doing did i need to put an asterisk on it.

blogging with passion

And then I realized, it’s because A TON of people are half assin’ it. Sure, there are the OG bloggers who created this profession, that everyone respects because they made this a viable business and paved the way. Those bloggers get VIP status. They created this industry.

But since then, there has been an influx of multi tiered bloggers who have expected to be paid for work they didn’t actually work at.  There are the bloggers who use their iPhone exclusively, don’t have a URL, and have their logo coffee cup in EVERY SINGLE shot.

Now, if some of these apply to you- I’m in no way attacking you.  It gets down to intention and effort. There are a ton of bloggers out there (that you can’t even qualify as a blogger because they don’t have a URL/domain)- and they are making us all look bad.

I wondered why my closer circle wasn’t quite respecting or interested in what I was doing. Very few have even graced my website.  And I don’t take it personally, I just think it breaks down to reputation. Reputation of the field in general. And currently, I think the general population only respects a very small subset of bloggers.

Until you have a reputation that is respected in the industry, there is a lot of confusion on what it takes to actually create beautiful work.  The amount that goes into posts, photos, editing, getting that shot, styling, full hair and makeup every day, and all the back end elements and marketing, that people don’t see and/or value.

And that’s ok- not everyone values the stage hands that make a play amazing- but they do know they are there.

So I rant on because I want to say that I respect any blogger, or content creator that pours their heart into their photos, and who is trying to build something bigger than themselves.

I think in this industry it will take a while for the insincere attempts to be flushed out. But, in the meantime if you see your favorite blogger creating beautiful work for  you to enjoy. Tell them you appreciate what they do. Tell them you like their photo. Comment on their photo.

blogging with passion

There is so much more that goes on behind a REAL bloggers job.  And it shouldn’t be about selling out for any product.

The REAL bloggers take on products they believe in, and they make content that is beautiful and artfully produced.

There is something very special about hard work.  If this was easy and everyone could do it, then anyone would do it and  you would wonder if you’re really worth anything.

The concept of hard work is there to serve as building blocks for you success.  Those blocks remind you that when you do have a win, that it is deserved.  It gives you purpose and a sense of self. It tells you that the path you are on, is the right one for you.  So embrace the challenges and the hard work.

And if you have found overnight success, don’t squander it.  You’re one of the few, take that chance and make more of it.

I rant on because I love this industry, and yet I feel the need to say as an industry we should all be striving to do more.  We should all put our heart into it.  There is something powerful about having influence, don’t waste it on pretend image.

blogging with passion

What do you think of the blogging industry? Do you think it needs to change? How should people be blogging with passion?

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