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Adding confidence to your style with a Clear Bag

Adding confidence to your style with a Clear Bag

Clear bags, you say? I know you picture inflatable, or cheap looking bags of the ’90s… But- they have come a long way since then. And their creative flexibility and fun take on handbags is a must for this season.

So I get it- why on earth would you want to show the entire world what is in your bag.  I am the queen of the overstuffed, oversized Mary Poppins bag. It usually takes me 4 minutes just to find my metro card. Squatting in the NYC train station, coffee on the ground, wallet in my lap, searching for that stupid card.

Yes, I know- it’s a problem.

However- clear bags allow you two beautiful benefits.  They are incredibly stylish right now- so you will automatically be appreciated by fashion’s elite. Don’t care?

clear bag

Well, number two is that it forces you to have a much more organized bag. And the appearance of organization is a very powerful first impression. Based on body language experts, fidgeting, the appearance of being lost, and not standing up straight all give the impression of being scattered and unprofessional. So- having an organized bag helps you avoid all of these by not digging through a Mary Poppins style bag filled to the brim.  It streamlines your packing.

Aesthetically curating our handbag? Seems like a lot of work…

But- it’s not. And the benefit you get from knowing where everything is in your bag is well worth it.

So first step- get yourself a clear bag that you love and will likely use often. It doesn’t have to be an investment piece like the one here, but it should be something you can see yourself wearing with lots of different outfits.

clear bag

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Here are some options you might like:



2. Invest in a pouch

The pouch will not be your wallet- nor will it hold your wallet. The pouch is for things you need throughout the day but don’t necessarily want floating around your bag in plain sight. Ie tampons, mini hairbrush, compact, or portable charger/cord. It hides them and keeps them organized so that you still have everything you need but you won’t have to dig through everything to find it. Saves you time and makes life just a little bit easier.


3. A fun phone case (kinda optional, but really I feel like it shouldn’t be).

A fun phone case will not only make your phone cuter (and safer) but it will make it easier to find within your bag. The number one item I did in my bag to find? Duh?! My phone. It doesn’t have to be bright or patterned- just something that will catch YOUR eye.

And with the clear bag- it adds a bit of fun to the overall look.

4. Essentials that you can keep outside the pouch.  I almost always have a lip balm or lipstick with me and a book with  me.. These items (or similar ones) can live outside the pouch zone. As long as you don’t have too many of these items, it is fine. Your goal with this should be to only have what you need with you and avoid carrying a bag that has a plethora of useless or unnecessary items for that day.

From a deeper perspective, the aesthetic roots of this are obvious- transparency. You are literally opening your bag up for the world to see. And this can be a powerful impression.  Every part of your outfit makes an impression, and being more thoughtful with your details and choices can have a drastic impact.

At an airport or coffee shop- I tend to people watch.  Waiting in line- gazing at the visual world around me- my mind wanders until visually I am locked into something that interests me. Usually, it is a detail- a detail that captivates me that makes me study the person with said detail.  I have never spoken to this person, and I probably never will. But I’ve formed a positive opinion of them based on their details and aesthetic choices.

This is especially imperative in a creative or visual field.  And nowadays- most fields hold some visual elements (hi, social media).

So while you may be doubting the veracity of a clear bag ( i hope not by now)- then let me tell you this. It is a simple, effective way to curate something that tells people you are not only visually motivated but able to be organized and in control.

How can one little bag do so much? I’m not giving it more power than it deserves, because innately you are the power. This bag is just a visual representation of you. And who wouldn’t want everyone to know exactly who they are at first glance?