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These beauty trends will make anyone feel confident

Spring has sprung, love is in the air, and all of sudden we want to start trying to look cute again. And, the easiest way to spice up your look without having too much commitment is with the latest beauty trends.  From what type of eye makeup is trending, to the best shampoo to use for effortless hair, here is the scoop. 

Try these beauty trends to reinvigorate your flirty, fun side.

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Brows are not going anywhere this spring. I suppose one distant year from now we will look back in shock and horror at the level of bushy-ness we all strive for with our brows, but that will not be spring 2020.

So for the most natural brows, I’ve found this fine pencil to be the easiest to draw in strokes. It creates a more natural look and doesn’t create a overly done appearance. It also has a fine crayon tip at the other end as well. 

I also live by brow gel, specifically this one.


But if you want the total update on ALL brow trends for 2020, and how exactly to get the perfect feathered brow, check out this post. 

how to get the laminated brow look step 3, add a colored gel tint to darken eyebrows, eyebrow trends


Our lashes are getting a break this season. Spider-like lashes that make us all look like Wednesday Addams after we shower is not going to be a thing this season.

Generally, the focus is more on eyeshadow, smokey eyes, glitter on lids, and eyeliners.  Because that is  A LOT to be happening in the eye region, the lashes take on a supporting role instead.

For a light, easy mascara, I like this one. It adds a bit of a tint, and length but nothing “unnatural”. Also when applying try to focus on the outer eyelashes and the bottom lashes for subtle drama. 

Eyelash tinting is also a good option. I like Benefit for this.

Is contouring still a thing for 2020?

Well, yes and no.  To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of it and I can’t personally do it on myself. I don’ have the patience or the desire to practice.

That being said, I think it will still be used by some of the biggest makeup artists and celebrities out there.

However, for us normal folk, we are lucky. The natural “no-makeup” look is also a huge trend for 2020. So have no fear, you don’t have to keep watching the youtube tutorials hoping that something will finally work when YOU try it.

Here’s an easy tutorial for the “no-makeup” look though.

So what do I use on my face for a light look?

beauty trends skin

Tinted moisturizer is my go-to if I need a little coverage but want to look natural.  SPF in my tinted moisturizer AND separate is a must for me, as I am pale enough to reflect the sun.  However, I recommend both for anyone looking to avoid skin damage. 



Ok, blush is going to be big for spring 2020.  Think rosy cheeks, reminiscent of the early 2000s without the actual flecks of glitter.

My go-to blush is this one.  It’s easy to apply, works with so many skin-tones, and you don’t even need a blush brush (which I love since I travel a lot). I’ve also seen a lot of beauty influencers and celebrities using rosy blushes on their eyelids, so that is something to consider. 

Do you love Glossier but not the price? Check out the best glossier dupes here. 


So for spring 2020, I would say it’s an either/or situation with highlighter/blush.  Depending on your full face of makeup and what look you want to convey EITHER pick a great highlighter OR a great blush.

Again, we are trying to be fresh-faced and not “overly done”.  The focus for spring is definitely on the eyes so try to keep the rest of your makeup either natural, or secondary.


beauty trends

If you don’t make your eyes the focal point, the lips can definitely be the shining star.

While colorful lips really never go out of style, the types of lipsticks/glosses/balms you use, do.

Colored glosses will be big this year. Glitter glosses will also be a big fad. 


As will sheer lipsticks (a very friendly cousin to the gloss with less shine). Gucci beauty makes my favorite sheer lipsticks, in the gif below I’m wearing the color Three Wise Girls. 



While matte lipsticks will pop in and out, I think the days of matte liquid stains (a la Kylie) will not be at the forefront for spring 2020.  They had their moment, and the moment has passed.

Eye makeup

Liners are definitely a big trend this season. From a perfect cat eye, to a colorful line, to even interesting shapes drawn on your lids- the possibilities are endless. 

Click here to learn more about this bold blue eyeliner 

The smokey eye will be making a comeback but with a twist. It won’t be so multi-dimensional as year’s past and it will also include other shades besides black. 

And if you want to mix it up, even more, feel free to add some glitter to your mix. Glitter is a benchmark of the early 2000s and since the 2000s are back, so is glitter.

You can’t avoid the glitter, but you can do it in a chic manner.


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Pastel eyeshadows are also a great option.


Ooh, nails can be so fun.  I say that, but honestly, usually my gel manicures last less than a week. I know, I’m hard on my hands.

But, if you want a pretty manicure- consider these options for chic manicure ideas that don’t involve too much extra time or “art”. 

beauty trends nails 2020
irregular shapes


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Color Tipped manicures

y2k nail, flame nails beauty trends

Y2k fashion trends are all the rage right now (just check out my winter fashion trends list here).  But why not add some fun patterns or y2k  inspired nail art as well!

I love these nail stickers for an easy way to spice up your at-home mani.

Or try these colors to be spring 2020 nail approved. ( you can even do each nail a different color for a fun way to switch it up)

beauty trends 2020 multi nail colors


beauty trends hair prose

Ok, one of my friends recommended this to my other friend, and after they BOTH loved it, I had to try it. It is a custom shampoo and conditioner made specifically for your hair woes and so far I give it two thumbs up.

The company is called Prose, and you can start your quiz/consultation here. 

They ask you some very in-depth questions about your lifestyle, hair issues, and hair tendencies to create a custom shampoo and conditioner for you.  You can also opt for a hair mask if you’re a goddess who has time for that.

 I never realized how much tailoring can go into a shampoo, how good it could smell, and how it ACTUALLY worked to calm my frizziness while simultaneously avoiding oily roots. 

And if you need more hair inspiration, check out all the hair accessories trending for 2020, check out this post. 

Start narrowing down your makeup look for 2020 by experimenting with all these fun, flirty beauty trends this season.

Now, go get your glow on.

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beauty trends 2020

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