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The boots you need for fall- you can thank me later.

The boots you need for fall- you can thank me later.

Boots you need for fall.

Boots are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, whether you live in a cold climate or not.  They are functional, chic, and necessary. 

But, there is a right way and a kind of wrong way to wear boots this season and I’m telling you all the boot trends you need to be aware of so that you land on the positive side to this style.

So let’s start diving into the boots you need for fall.

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1. Combat Boots And their friends

Combat boots have had a major resurgence ever since the ’90’s and 2000’s have been trending. Check out this post on how to wear 90’s trends if you want more style info on that.

But back to combat boots, everything from traditional Dr. Marten’s to chunky-soled boots are happening.  Traditional combat boots are laced up and typically have a .5 inch sole. But with this trend becoming a season constant, we see more variations of it evolving.

We have the chunky-soled combat boots that add a bit of height to your look and give a more elevated iteration of the classic.

And we also have one of my new favorites the combat boot style with no laces.  It is chic and pairs well with a voluminous or feminine style dress.  It balances that style out beautifully.

2.  Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots have been out of season for a while now. But, they are making their style debut again and this time they are not being hidden under A-line skirts or dresses.  They are standing front and center typically OVER pants. ( if you need help visualizing how to style these boots, check out my pinterest board here).

They can be fitted but not skin tight.  The other option is the slightly looser, almost slouchy, version of this style as well.

This is a great way to bring the focus on your shoes.  Something I teach in the 10-day fashion challenge- check it out here if you want to expand your style and try new looks!.

This trend looks fantastic with paper bag waist pants or medium weight pants that are slightly baggy and taper. That way the knee-high boots can fit over the pant itself, but it doesn’t look dated.

I would avoid pairing these boots over skinny-leg, tight jeans.  While that may have been popular several years ago, we are seeing a shift away from this.

3. Square toe boots

Square toe shoes are everywhere and if you don’t believe me just check out the fall trends post here.

Square toe boots are thriving and it’s time to jump on this bandwagon.  They are surprisingly easy to style if you choose one that suits you.  And if you need help deciding what style works for you or how to choose trends then be sure to sign up below to get my FREE style guide. 


Square toe boots look great with jeans but they also add a certain flair to suits and blazer looks too. I love belting a blazer and pairing it with square toe boots. When the season gets chillier they also look great with straight leg jeans.  See the denim jeans to buy this season here.

4. Platform boots and Chunky Soles


I know, it’s the wild west out there for trends right now. BUT, i promise all these trends have their place in your closet if you just try them out and experiment.

Nothing has cemented my belief that platform boots are back more than attending NYFW. Not only was every influencer rocking a pair, but the runways were flooded with them too.

While their general shape is more masculine, and clunky- they style similarly to the combat boot trend.  They go with practically anything.  But the easiest way to style platform boots is to make sure the entire boot is visible.  Hiding them under pants (meaning only the toe shows) makes them feel clunky and eliminates the juxtaposition they provide when paired with a dress or with pants tucked into them.

Think about them as the grounding point for the outfit. They provide weight to an outfit, so you want that to be the focus, and then the other style choices can be supplemental.

5. Lace-up victorian style boots


So- these boots have been around for a while and they will still be making supporting appearances this season.  Why? Well, because they look so darn good with so many outfits.

These boots are your flowy dresses best friend.  They are also super stylish with skinny jeans, which is not the case for the other boot trends we have been seeing this season.

Want to wear skinny jeans and an oversized blazer, well be sure you have a pair of these boots. 

Have a very feminine dress that you want to keep in the feminine style? Add these boots instead of the above options.

These are your pinch hitters.  Can you believe I just made a baseball reference? Me neither. But when discussing boots you need for fall, these definitely need to be on the list.

They will get you through a tough time when other boots won’t look good. Invest in a pair, I’ve been rocking these boots for a few years now and my love for them only grows deeper.


So get on these boot trends so you can live out all your boot dreams.

And if you’re struggling with how to implement trends like this- check out my free style guide here! It will help you evaluate trends and fit them to your personal style.

Plus it’s all about finding confidence through style, something that has been integral to my personal journey in fashion and something I think EVERYONE can benefit from.


Pin this for reference so you can remember all the boots you need for fall!

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