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dress for your best self 3-day mini course

Dress for your Best Self 3-day Video Course

What is it?

Do you stress about getting dressed? Can’t tell what clothes work for you, and don’t know how to pick a cute outfit much less try a new fashion-forward trend?

Then this 3 day (4 videos) mini-course is for you.  I will teach you how to dress for your body, how to use proportions to hide any insecurities you might have, and how to improve your fashion mindset so you’re no longer intimidated by your own clothes.

Take your style back and conquer those fashion anxieties.  With these style tips and lessons, you will be able to pull off practically anything and will have an entirely new perspective on the power of your style.


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Please note this is a digital product, and you will have lifetime access to the videos.  Due to the nature of a digital product, and to ensure the integrity of this product, returns cannot be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

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What will I learn?

How to dress for your body type

What's my body type? What clothes look best on me? How do I use proportions to look better? And so much more!

How to become comfortable in your clothes

We will work on your fashion mindset and relationship with fashion to give you the confidence to try new trends and develop a signature style.

Style tips and tricks that will CHANGE your fashion game

How do I hide my ``problem`` areas? How do I appear slimmer? Style tips and tricks that all the fashion pro's use to look even more flattering.

Who is teaching this *amazing* course?

hi, my name is gabrielle arruda and i'm the creator of this course

Hi, My name is Gabrielle Arruda and I run the fashion and style blog which focuses on how to find strength through style and developing your own signature style.

What makes me qualified to teach you about fashion and how to dress better?

Well, I started my fashion journey at Parsons School of Design where I got my BFA in fashion design and eventually started my own fashion line.  I competed on Project Runway, and continued on with a custom bridal gown label.

Next, I grew a modest following on social media and expanded into my fashion blog.  I’ve been featured in publications like Vogue, The NY Post, Lucky Magazine and countless other publications both in print and online.

Because of my background in design, and my work in custom bridal, I developed a keen awareness of body shape and the importance of working with your best features.

My strong interest in fashion and trends has lead me to attend NYFW and to show my own designs there as well.

I’ve never been the loudest person in the room but fashion helped me find a voice and find my confidence. I feel comfortable in my clothes and like they represent my best self. I want to help you find that too, and this course will get you started on your own fashion journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a whole new wardrobe?

Buying a whole new wardrobe is not necessary.  The course will go over evaluating your body type and which silhouettes look best, which may lead you to eventually add these items to your closet.  However, it is not necessary.  Most of the content is centered around how you wear certain pieces, styling tips to make your outfit appear chicer, and working with what you have.

Why am I getting such a good deal?

This is a limited time deal.  Because this course is so valuable, I want to allow anyone who wants to improve their style the opportunity to grab it at this limited-time price.

In the near future, it will be $47. So what are you waiting for?

How will I get access?

Upon completing your payment you will have an introduction email sent immediately to you.  Then you will receive one email guide and video sent to your inbox once a day, for three days.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to love or currently loves fashion.  It covers beginner topics on where to start to dress better, but also provides practical information for the intermediate fashionista.  If you’ve ever wondered why your outfits don’t look like how you imagined they would, or how to dress for your body type or implement a new trend, you will get something out of this course.

This will help you figure out the basics of your personal style and how to communicate your best self  to the world using your fashion.

What if I feel like my style is hopeless?

I promise you, you are not hopeless.  This is coming from someone who used to live in rolled-up sweatpants in high school until I found my own fashion voice.

Start with this course, and you might also like my free style-guide, which gives you some actionable steps on where to start with your own style voice. (however, if you opt for the free guide, you may lose your discounted price for this course).

If I don't buy this now, can I still get it at this price?

Sorry but no. This is a limited time price and once the timer runs out you will no longer be able to buy it at this heavily discounted price.  You will be able to buy it for the full price of $47, however.

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