Weekly Whats. 2.4.19

The Vampires Wife

This is the brand you need to know about.. Especially if you have a weird affinity for Nick Cave, pilgrim-esque dresses, or you just want to be in the know on THE designers to watch.

The vampires wife is the brand concept created by Nick Cave’s wife (yes, that nick cave)- Susie Cave.  Clever play on a brand name, if you ask me.  She started her brand with a very clear and aesthetic direction. She basically created a few definitive silhouettes and created those silhouettes in multiple color/fabric ways.  This allowed the brand to have a very specific identity and allow her customers to immediately know what to expect from her.

With each new season/silhouette I find myself falling more in love with these historically inspired dresses.  I love how the silhouette feels feminine, and the fabric choices make it feel modern.

Overall, I am just so excited to have one of her pieces in what I consider my collection. I consider fashion wearable art, and I strive to collect pieces from designers (like Vampire’s Wife) that define the culture and spirit of each season.

vampires wife dress and logo weekly whats

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Pearl Hair Clips- And other retro hair accessories

So- this season, one of my fashion week predictions is “awkward” hair accessories. Whether it be ribbons not tied in bows, clips in your hair a bit off set, or simply retro 90s hair barrettes- hair accessories are back.

These pearl clips are classic and fun, yet still totally fit the bill for this trend. Plus, if its a trend I’m uncertain about longevity wise- I prefer to buy something a bit more affordable.. And these fit the bill for style and price. Extra points if you clip them in an “unexpected” place in your hairstyle.

pearl hair clips weekly whats

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Sweet Greens Harvest Bowl

I’m REALLY not a salad person. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you at best I get a caesar salad drowning in dressing and cheese… But, something magical happened. I went to Sweet Greens and tried their Harvest Bowl and fell in love. But at $12 a salad, and no super convenient locations- that really just won’t fulfill my current craving for this amazing salad.

However, I’ve found with a little help from  Trader Joes you can make it at home.

Here are the ingredients:

Kale, sliced apple, cooked sweet potatoes, wild or brown rice, grilled chicken (they add the chicken and rice while they are still warm- and I really think that is key), goat cheese, almonds, a slightly creamy balsamic dressing. Â

Trader Joes has all of these things, and they even have sliced and prepped sweet potato that you can either microwave or pan fry. They also have pre packaged rice ready to be microwaved in smaller serving sizes.

Buying these elements already prepped makes the compilation of this salad much more manageable. And truly, it only took about 10 minutes to make, including cooking the chicken. So, in my book finding a salad that I LOVE and being able to recreate it is- perfection.

sweet greens harvest bowl at home weekly whats

Puka Shells AKA coffee bean cowrie shells

So, puka shells, once the disdain of the 90’s- and the epitome of a douchey guy, has not only been re-branded, they’ve successfully made a comeback. And if they can come back, anyone CAN!

But, I have to say I’m loving the “coffee shell cowrie” earrings and necklaces I’ve been seeing everywhere. I especially love these earrings with the gold accent and pearls.  Pearls, also being one of my other favorite trends- this combines the best of both worlds.

puka shell necklace and earrings weekly whats

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So there are my weekly whats for this week. To check out other posts similar to this, and find out what I’m obsessing over or shopping- click here