Healthy Hype: How to Make it Manageable

So, throughout my life, I’ve wavered in and out of being fitness conscious buying into all the healthy hype.  I’ve tried different fad foods, tried the latest and greatest workout (I’m looking at you soul cycle), and I’ve just truly never committed.

I’ve always had this insane plan to dive DEEP into it all, and become a workout guru overnight and implement every helpful lifestyle element known to man… I know, to anyone else, that seems futile and insane. But, given my perfectionist nature and my insane ability to want to up the ante when it comes to challenges.  I’ve ended up generally failing at this whole dedicated workout/healthy lifestyle regime.

But- here’s to 2019.. Reasonable, healthy, gradual changes that can help my body heal, allow me to FEEL good, and treat myself with a bit more care.

So here’s my plan, for a gradual map to fitness flourishing and feeling better overall.


healthy hype manageable gabrielle arruda workout



Step 1.  Stop being too hard on myself

Stop being too hard on myself. My goal is to do 3 classes a MONTH; nothing too crazy. I’ve signed up for class pass so I can get a great deal on actual classes ( I find that helps my motivation over just going to the gym). They have a variety of styles as well, so I can try a bunch of categories out (HIIT, barre, cycling, etc) and see which ones resonate with me and my current headspace.  But, I have no intention of increasing this number until I can consistently make 3 classes a month. CLICK here to learn more about class pass.


Step 2.  Vitamins and supplements.

To be honest, it’s never been something I have focused on. However, having had a therapist who also stressed the importance of food and vitamins as wellness sources, I learned it can be one of the simplest ways to help you naturally heal, and feel better.



healthy hype manageable vitamins and supplements



I have been taking the following vitamins/natural supplements for several months- and they have helped tremendously. To hear more about my thoughts on these vitamins, check out this post

My daily vitamin-

Women’s Living Green Multi Vitamin by Irwin Naturals, with Key Nutrients and Whole Food Concentrates, Value Size, 120 Liquid Soft-Gels

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5-HTP with vitamin B6 50 mg

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l-theanine 100mg

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Step 3. Grow, the ritual.


Now that I have implemented a morning ritual that I can follow, I’m upping the ante with a few more healthy options.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil



healthy hype how to make it manageable bulletproof brain octane oil

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This a version of MCT oil- it’s sugar-free and pretty much tasteless. A lot of people mix it into their coffee.  I will try this and let you know. But I’m a bit of a coffee snob, so I might mix it into a smoothie instead.

It is a great natural energy boost and I’m excited to report back the long term results.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides



healthy hype how to make it manageable vital proteins collagen peptides

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So, I’ve been working on the inside, let’s get a bit vapid and talk about the outside. I’m very curious about  these collagen peptides.  They seem to make my skin firmer, and help reduce the appearance of aging. It really *appears* to give my skin that glow- which, we ALL want.

Seemingly, it is a super simple way to get better, healthier looking skin without spending a fortune on expensive creams, which is what I think/thought.

However, I also did some research. And it seems scientifically the process of digesting collagen (while certainly not bad for you) will only slightly help your skin/joints. Similarly, the collagen in creams actually has too large of molecules to move from the epidermis to the dermis layer. But, they do recommend this product if you are protein/collagen deficient. Which I am somewhat protein low, so I look at this a great way to help my body internally and have a few external perks to my skin.

But, warning!! If you love coffee, don’t mix this in it. It turns into a goopy layer within your precious drink. I put it in my smoothie or OJ and just chug. It’s not pleasant, and you have to drink fast so it doesn’t look like it has congealed. If you are a water drinker, you won’t have this problem- just mix it in that. (personally, i loathe the taste of water- something I am working on).


24K gold face roller/massager


healthy hype how to make it manageable gradual health and fitness changes gold 24k face roller


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AMULISS 24k Gold Skin Care Face Massager 3D Roller Electric Sonic Depuffer Energy Beauty Bar Package Combination


So, you get a massage when your muscles need to be revitalized, and they are sore or inflamed right? Why not give your face the same care?  Face massaging is one of the best things you can do for morning puffiness.  Whether it’s jade rolling, ice rolling, or the one I linked here… It makes such a difference and is a wonderful, gentle way to wake up.  I love to put this one in the fridge and use it first thing in the morning. It decreases bags under eyes, and helps promote collagen.


Step 4. Start your day with an energized body and mind.

As you can see, my morning ritual has evolved a bit.  But, I want to take it a step further. Since I am not doing crazy work out classes daily, or even really weekly- I want to add a few items to my morning that you can do anywhere (waiting for your coffee to brew, on the train platform, or before you jump in the shower).  I find these simple easy movements invigorate my body, and can calm my mind.


Here’s the breakdown:

I start with 10 jumping jack- easy right.

Then I do 5 lunges one way, and 5 lunges back. Just to stretch, not really for the strength training aspect of a lunge.

After that I do a few stretches,

touch toes for 10 seconds

slowly bending each vertebrae down

roll neck

Bicep and tricep stretch on each side

20 crunches (optional)

sit in childs pose (yoga) for 30 seconds to a minute.- the most important part in my opinon.


The whole thing takes less than 3 1/2 minutes usually.  I use a yoga mat, but its not really necessary, and if you’re tight on space just adapt your own stretches/moves to what works and makes you feel good.

I find the rhythm and the ability to get my body moving yet not rushed, really helps me get my day started. It’s like a physical alarm clock for my body to wake up.I get, that not everyone has the ability or time to do this in the morning. But even if you only do one of the items in my list, it really can help you feel better.

So theres my list. It’s all about taking gradual changes to feeling better, and hopefully in turn looking better as well. I’ll let you guys know how I’m progressing.

But healthy hype doesn’t have to be the only way to go about changing physically and mentally. Get over the hype, commit to a routine you can manage.


Comment below any other questions or interests you want to see!


3 thoughts on “Healthy Hype: How to Make it Manageable”

  1. can’t wait to buy this roller! i love that its actually affordable. IT’s so frustrating when bloggers only recommend crazy expensive products. Thank you!

    1. YES, it’s so hard. But this gradual process REALLY helped me.
      And to be fair, I love to TRY the new fitness hypes, I just make sure that i don’t abandon the gradual changes that have worked for me. 😉
      love you for the support and kind words

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