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High-Rise Underwear is trending? And it needs to be discussed

High-Rise Underwear is trending? And it needs to be discussed

Now, I have full faith in the fashion community, taste-makers, and designers of our beautiful planet and their ability to both weed out bad trends AND experiment with new ones.

But, it seems with few places to go and few calendar events on the books, the fashion world has decided it needs to get down and dirty and come up with a new trend.  A trend that people will wear from home.

Ok, got it. So… loungewear. Well, yes but that is kind of obvious don’t you think? [ obligatory loungewear post, useful nontheless]

Let’s go further outside the box. Let’s make underwear a trend.

high rise underwear lingerie trends 2020

But.. isn’t it already something everyone (well most people) wears?

No, but we are going to make this very specific style of underwear (slightly adjacent to granny panties but in a sexy way) popular.

That’s how I imagine the fashion Illuminati would discuss this if they existed.

But if they don’t, the Instagram and Pinterest gods were happy to take the reins and run with this.

So, here you have it.  High-rise underwear is trending.

Some have referred to this cut as “granny panties”. But, I really think it is more supermodel chic. 

The cut itself is not actually the easiest to pull off. Of course, if you are just wearing this under a pair of jeans and have no reason to take your jeans off for anyone currently, by all means, go to town.

But, if you actually want to look sexy FOR someone else, I will admit this cut is a bit tricky.

It shows your hip-flexors and highlights your lower stomach.  If you are at all bloated, opt for a darker shade that will give the appearance of a flatter stomach. That being said, I think wearing trends like this can help you find acceptance in your body no matter how flat (or not flat) your stomach happens to be.

Also, please note, I took a lot of photos for this post and chose the best*, more flattering ones.  Knowing angles and camera positions helps me look way more appealing.  If you don’t believe me, I’ll leave this unflattering photo here, just to hammer home my point.  These two photos were taken right in a row, one makes me look, well…not my best. the other is average.  So, don’t just assume you can’t pull this off.

Note these weren’t photoshopped, the top photo looks so bad because of my posture, the angle, and the fact my arm is blocking the other side of my waist (which creates a wider appearance.  Also, the top image is not using the light to my advantage.

So, now that the disclaimer is out of the way….

Why do I actually love this style of high rise underwear?

It’s iconic. In a retro cinema kind of way. Can’t you just see an effortlessly gorgeous woman sitting in her kitchen in nothing but high cut briefs, and drinking coffee with her lover.

It exudes sexiness in an uncomplicated way.

It should be noted, going topless isn’t mandatory for this picturesque scene to work.  In fact, a tank top is a perfect addition.

So what I do need to pull this look off:

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high rise underwear lingerie trend

High Cut, High-rise briefs 

  • Avoid boyshorts, as they seem to generally be trending out.

Tank Top, Crop Tee or

a “wifebeater” tank

( I hate this term, and yet I searched for a more appropriate reference to this specific style of tank and came up with only MORE offensive terms). So apologies.

Optional Item: Cardigan Sweater over


Cute accessory addition:  Scrunchie

We are going for the quintessential “gorgeous woman” who just woke up like this, right? Well, if your hair isn’t agreeing with this vibe, try pulling it back with a scrunchie to look more intentional.

A few reasons why you should try this lingerie trend:

high rise underwear lingerie trend

1. Confidence/ Body Acceptance

Walking around your house sans a full outfit is a great way to become more comfortable with your body.  Instead of hiding your flaws you are adjusting and embracing them.  That will undoubtedly help your confidence if you keep it up.  Learn to be at home in your body and to embrace the stretch marks, scars, or whatever currently bugs you.

2.  Intentional Dressing Makes You Feel Good

Even if you are at home, with nothing to do, dressing in an intentional manner can make you feel good.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate outfit, and in fact, this is the perfect look to rock around your house.

3. Sexiness Appreciation

Assuming you have a significant other, they will undoubtedly appreciate this effortlessly sexy look.  And let’s hope you both reap some benefits from this… 😉

4. You can join the sartorial Instagram club

I’m only half kidding. This “look” is everywhere on Instagram right now. Love or hate influencer culture, they sure do know how to turn lemons into albeit very sexy lemonade. 


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Things to complete the scene: 

high-rise underwear lingerie trend

Bonus points for photos taken on disposable film cameras, SLR’s, and polaroids.

And extra points if you’re listening to vinyl records while you so coquettishly prance around your house.

Plus, it wouldn’t be complete without a matcha latte or freshly brewed pour-over.

Congrats, you’ve now created a perfect image for Tumblr and can now quit your day job.

I kid. But, in all honesty, I don’t hate the fact this trend helps us put our bodies out there. I think we cover up our bodies because of shame and the need to be perfect. 

Believe me, social media can be bad for our self worth and body image. I get it.

But, taking your sexiness into your own hands and trying a trend you might otherwise shy away from is empowering.

So, what do you have to lose?

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lingerie trends high-rise underwear 2020