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Micro Bag Trends : And why you should love these useless bags

Micro Bag Trends : And why you should love these useless bags

Micro bag trends, ah these useless little bags should become your best friend. Let me tell you why. 

It’s 2020 and by everyone’s own assertion we should have flying cars and life in a virtually adaptive reality by now. 

But instead, we are tackling political mountains and a dying earth. Fun.

So what does the fashion world do to calm your existence queries? Well, a sartorial representation of the surreal and depiction of pure fun of course.

I don’t blame if you have no idea what I’m talking about, but micro bags are the answer.  They have been trending in 2019 and show no sense of slowing down in 2020. 

In fact, I reckon that the trend will only get more absurd and more humorous as we go. 

So what is a micro bag?

Well, it’s a tiny, tiny purse that fits almost nothing but looks amazingly cute.  For scale, a micro bag should NOT fit your cell phone.

If you haven’t seen the iconic Lizzo Micro Bag, here is my gift to you.


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And even more LIzzo Mini bag goodness


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The responsible adult who carries, you know, adult things, is laughing at me right now and judging me slightly for saying you should adopt such a frivolous trend.  But, hang in there.

Fashion is functional, yes… but, if you really think about your most iconic fashion moment, I bet you will find it had very little to do with what you were doing and more how the clothes made you feel.

That wedding dress you walked down the aisle in, the dress you wore on your first date with the love of your life, or even just a perfect night out in friends when you FELT your best self.

Fashion is powerful. It can dictate your mood and even project a better first impression.

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Side note- if you want to know how truly bad we are at interpreting strangers, just read this book. It might not advocate for fashion per se, but I argue that if we are so bad at reading people’s emotions and telling their true intentions, then communicating with fashion is one more piece of our puzzle we are filling in for the world.

Now, back to micro bags. 

micro bag


Jacquemus is probably the most famous brand associated with this sky-rocketing trend. Simon Porte Jacquemus grew up in a small town in France on a farm. He created a gorilla campaign to first get noticed and quickly rose to fame from there. His use of fabrics from workwear and his feminine yet abstract interpretations of clothing made his designs truly stand out.  A difficult feat for anyone in the fashion world today.

Jacquemus had something to say. He’s gone on to win multiple prestigious awards in the fashion industry and has a few iconic designs that will be remembered as a pivotal part of fashion history.  Not all so favorable, #bellahadidvoguehatgate   

But, nonetheless, we can basically thank him for making micro bags a thing.

Now, having been an ACTUAL user of the micro bag, I can tell that little function comes with it. Be prepared to wear a coat with pockets.  Because my AirPod case couldn’t even fit inside this thing (and it should be noted they come even smaller than the one  I have).

The Chiquito bag (the most famous micro bag) micro bag fits a bit of cash, my single key, and a credit card/ID (provided I don’t place them vertically or else the bag can’t close). 

And if I’ve lost you at this point, good luck with oversized bags in 2020.

But let’s really discuss this. In a world filled with horrifying news, and headlines that make my heart hurt and as the rest of the world reaches for their anti-depressants…. having a bit of fun in fashion is (IMO) the cure-all.

Simple accessories can stand for something much bigger than you realize.  That wedding ring on your finger signifies to the world that you are married and (let’s hope) in love.  If you see a woman wearing satin or sheer gloves we automatically assume an air of sophistication.  And a girl comfortably rocking converse is low-key and cool.

Tell me, that you wouldn’t make these assumptions? It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it gives us more power to change how we are perceived by our fashion choices.  Which, is a state of control I personally appreciate. 

For more help with fashion, check out my free fashion style guide here

Owning something cute yet ridiculous has its’ perks. Not only does this bag force you to pair down what you deem “necessary” for the day/evening… But, it also has the antiquated silliness of something straight from the ’90s.  A nod to youth culture, skirting the line of beauty for beauty, akin to a piece of modern art from MOMA.  The micro bag trend may not make sense to us all, but we all still like to look at it. 

The micro bag trends’ creativity does not even stop at its small stature. In fact, its’ creativity breathes in how many different ways you can style this bag.  Here are some ideas:


micro bag


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So while this bag will never be your “hey, I’m off to work” bag- it is most certainly a bag you use when you need a fresh perspective on the world and to have a little fun.

The beauty of the micro bag is it makes even the most simple outfit seem more fashionable.  Your tee shirt and jeans just got uber fashionable by slinging a micro bag across your chest or looping it through your belt loops. It’s one of those “pass go and collect 200 dollars” pieces for the fashion world.

You are basically part of the in-crowd with one of these bags.

So now that I’ve said my piece on the micro bag trend and you are racing to find one and give up all your other purse worldly belongings- here are the ones I like the most:



Fashion can be fun. It SHOULD be fun. Allow yourself to step out of the professional adult world we are all slowly drowning in, to have a sartorial jubilant moment. 

The micro bag trend is the smile we all need in 2020.

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