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Your Ultimate, Top-Secret Milk Makeup Alternatives List

Your Ultimate, Top-Secret Milk Makeup Alternatives List

Milk Makeup has been the beauty industry’s secret favorite since it hit the Sephora shelves.  Its unique textures and formulas made it stand out and the aesthetic vibes of their branding, products, and campaigns are cult worthy.

Who wouldn’t want to look like a uniquely young and modern woman with flawless skin and fashion forward (yet easy) makeup?

But, as much as this favorite beauty company is amazing, it also comes with a price tag that adds up FAST. So, here are the top milk makeup product alternatives so that you can look like the effortless, metropolitan beauty and not break the bank. 

(if there’s a product you want a dupe for thats not on the list, leave it in the comments and I’ll get on it) 

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BEST milk make-up alternatives 

Milk Hydro Grip Primer

The Hydro grip primer is amazing, but at $30 a bottle, it can add up fast.  This primer helps hydrate your face and sets up the perfect foundation for your skin to receive the next layers of your makeup. Essentially, it helps the makeup “grip” to your skin. 

The negative to this primer is that it can pill on your skin for some people, and these milk makeup dupes below don’t seem to have that same problem. It also has a chemical called alcohol denate, which is not great for your skin. 

Alternatives to the Milk Grip Primer

Hard Candy Hydrating Grip Primer

This is an almost exact milk dupe.  It has the same texture, smell, and hydrating affect as the Milk hydro grip.  Click here to shop it.

Elf Jelly Pop Primer

Note, we are looking for the primer, not the cleanser for this milk hydro grip alternative. This primer is infused with hyaluronic acid which helps plump your skin and retain moisture. It has a similar texture and melts right into the skin.  This is one is slightly heavier. 

Elf Hydrating Face primer

This is a great primer.  It gives the hydrating effect without being overly shiny. I get the mini size for the best price and find it lasts a good deal of time. 

Nyx Bare with Me Hydrating Jelly Primer 

Creates an even tone for your makeup application, and helps your skin look supple. Well reviewed, and an affordable price.

Milk Cream Bronzer (matte) 

With clean ingredients and a formula that blends seamlessly, this cream bronzer is a go-to favorite. However, the shades are a bit limited so below are some affordable alternatives to satiate your bronze goddess needs.

Milk cream bronzer alternatives

Nyx Wonder stick 

color (medium/tan)

This product is not only insanely affordable, it can also help contour your face if you want some more definition. Very well reviewed.

Flesh Beauty Firm Flesh Thickstick

color: Tiramasu 

Stock up on this one because they might not be around for much longer. This has heavier coverage, so be aware if you are pale, and go a few shades lighter. However, the tiramisu color is the closest match to the milk makeup version.

L.A. Girl Velvet Contour Bronzer stick

I recommend this milk makeup dupe in the color “suede” if you enjoy a bronzed cheek. It has the same velvety look and application.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek 

color: werk

The lip + cheek stain is the perfect creamy, sheer tint.  It is not only easily buildable but also easily blended.  For someone who likes “fuss free” makeup, this is it! 

Alternative to Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek 

Wet n Wild Megaglow makeup stick

color: blush

Flawless finish but not quite* as “glowy” as the milk makeup version.

Maybelline Glaze Blush 

This is an easy blush just like the Milk lip + cheek.  It has an effortless glow with shea butter that gives you a dewy, fresh faced look.  And it’s a total steal at that price! 

Colourpop Lip tint

color: Gimme S’more

While this is labeled as “lip tint” only, the texture and application once blended is almost identical (dare I say better?) than the milk makeup lip + cheek. 

Julep Skip the Brush Blush Stick

color: Rose Gold

While this has more shimmer to it, the color and effect is super similar to the Milk Makeup lip + cheek in “werk”.

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek

color Perk 

I love the sheer, subtle pigment and the coral hue.  

Alternative to Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek

Elf Primer Infused Blush

color : always rosy 

While this milk makeup alternative has a different application, the texture when applied on your skin is very similar, and the color is spot on.  This takes a bit more product to achieve the same pigment level but applies in a very smooth manner.

Milk Makeup Flex concealer

This has a medium to full coverage.  It has a matte texture but is not drying. 

Alternative to Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer 

No only does it have the same level of coverage as the Milk makeup flex, it also has even better hydrating properties.  And it’s so much more affordable. 

Milk Highlighter 

This smooth and clean beauty highlighter has rave reviews, that some even say mimics the coveted glass skin effect.

Alternative to the Milk Highlighter

Colourpop Lite Stix 

Colourpop has some of my favorite products and their highlighter has a similar glowy, glass effect while being a fraction of the price.

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Milk Blur Stick 

The Milk blur stick is like an instagram filter IRL. It’s light but still gives that flawless finish, which is probably why it’s a cult favorite. 

Alternatives to the Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Flower Beauty Pore perfect Instant Blur Stick

I am always skeptical of “pore” perfecting products, but this one is actually great! Add a light layer of foundation over it and you have an airbrushed (but natural) look.  It also has great long lasting power.  Two thumbs up! 

Elf Cosmetics Prep & Blur Stick 

Elf is an easy purchase, in my opinion, they are affordable and their products almost always do exactly what they say.  This is a great option for people with combo skin or an oily t-zone.  It provides a velvety finish that pairs really well with their flawless finish foundation.

Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick 

This is a great long-lasting option that helps minimize shine and diminish the look of large pores.  It gives you that no makeup-makeup look and is very natural. Learn more about the Estee edit line here.

Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain

This is the it style for lip stains.  It’s hydrating, doesn’t crack, and leaves a perfect pout. Beauty bloggers go crazy for lip oil stains, they give you sheen like a gloss but moisturize like your favorite balm.  However, this product is a bit pricey to be using regularly and is often sold out. 

Alternatives to the Milk Oil Lip Stain 

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Lip Oil

This milk makeup alternative has an easy brush application. The color shade and softening lip effect is a spot on dupe for the milk makeup version.  This also has a sheer color texture. 

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Oil

This milk lip stain alternative has more color/hue than the covergirl option mentioned above.  It layers well while still looking natural. 

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick

Are you seeing a trend? Milk makeup is all about sticks that give you shine and dewiness. This unique highlighter is a cult favorite because beauty pro’s and novices can add it to their routine with ease.  It has an “intergalactic” highlighting effect and adds a hypnotic highlight to your cheeks. 

Alternatives to the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick 

Nyx Strobe Of Genius Holographic Stick 

color: Electric Invasion 

This is a great alternative to the Milk holographic stick in the color “supernova”. It’s extremely easy to apply and has a slight lavender shimmer that gives you all the aesthetic vibes you need.  Perfect for everyday or a fun music festival look. 

ELF baked highlighter 

color: pink diamonds

While this is powder instead of a stick, it is a great alternative to the holographic stick in the color “stardust”.  This dupe provides a subtle pink hue with a bit of sparkle. They both provide a sheer rosy tint. 

L’Oreal Illuminating Galaxy Stick

color: Cosmic Pink

A holographic stick at a fraction of the price.  The cosmic pink gives us shimmery pink highlights that rivals any pinterest beauty board.  Helps to shape your face, and draw attention to those killer cheekbones.  

Milk Makeup Kush Triple Brow Pen

This brow pen boasts an impressive amount of nourishing ingredients like aloe, CBD oil, and sunflower oil, and it also gives you that perfect laminated brow look. However, if you want perfect brows daily, that price definitely adds up.

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Alternatives to the Milk triple brow pen

L’Oreal Paris Micro Ink Brow Pen

This milk makeup trip brow dupe has a great applicator that not only provides that feathered brow fill in, but can also be flipped over (use the sharper tip with the flat side) to elongate your brow strands where necessary. 

Music Flower Eyebrow Pen

This affordable alternative has a great toothed maker application and allows you to fill in your brows with realistic brow-like strands, easily!  I’ve also seen beauty gurus use it for temporary freckles. And it has stellar reviews!

Milk Makeup Brow Gel Pencil

This smooth eyebrow pencil glides on effortlessly and fills in any sparse sections of your brows.  But, at this price you can definitely find something similar for everyday wear.

Alternatives to the Milk Makeup Brow Gel Pencil

Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil 

You can get three pencils for about the same price as one milk brow gel pencil.  While this is technically more of a pencil than a “gel” pencil, it glides on so smoothly and has a very similar texture and look. Plus, it is super affordable and lasts all day. 

Julep The Works Pencil Definer and Tinted Fiber Gel

This all in one brow pencil and gel is the perfect milk brow pencil alternative.  You can precisely fill in your brows with this easy glide pencil and then add a bit of shape and texture with the fiber gel. 

Now, get ready to slow-motion walk through the streets of NYC with perfect brows, dewy skin, and shimmery cheeks. But the best part? With these milk makeup alternatives your bank account won’t be crying. 


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