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So I lamented to my intelligent and amazing friends over group chat that I had yet again fallen victim to amazon’s bewitching call to purchase. What had I bought? Well, one thing was actually something I needed: The Lume cube: I highly

This post is not optimized for SEO, it’s a bit wordy, but I just felt like writing it and you might feel like it reading it.  So, google- don’t hate me for this one. And while most of you are

Someone bumps into you and the first words out of YOUR mouth are “Oh, I’m sorry, excuse me”.  Now, I am all for polite niceties but I’ve realized that my personal vocabulary has been hindering my growth quite a bit.

5 things I’m doing in 2020 to be just a bit better:  It’s the new year.  Hoorah for insurmountable resolutions that fail and make us feel just a bit worse than before.  Like, I’m going to work out every single day

Why do I feel not enough during the holidays? Your holiday mindset is important and often an overlooked part of the holiday season.  The holidays can be a rough time for well, most people.  While there are high highs, there are

Recently, I was thinking about the evolution of style, and everyday effort related tasks. Whether it be skincare, makeup, or even fitness. I thought about my middle-aged self and my fearless?, stylistically speaking misguided bravery to wear literally bright blue

I admit, me giving life advice seems a bit comical. In so many ways I blew up my life this past year or so. And not like in one field or area- the entire thing. It was the equivalent of

Instagram Versus Reality Instagram, it’s our favorite and least favorite space. It’s divided into two separate and distinct parties. The casual user who likes to post whatever photo of their dog or friends and family, at whatever time they wish, with

Courage, dear heart. I've always loved that saying. Not that I have a particular affinity for anything written by C.S. Lewis, but that saying shifted my thinking. I'm not a courageous person, I don't leap without looking, I can't throw

It's so easy to compare yourself to others, to imagine that they had it easier, better, or a more privileged way to success. And sometimes that's true, but really, it doesn't negate or disprove their hard work. I've been thinking about