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The shoe trends going out of style in 2020 and the shoes coming in hot.

The shoe trends going out of style in 2020 and the shoes coming in hot.
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With each new year comes a slew of new shoe trends dedicated to making us all keep up with the jones, or even worse the Kardashians. Let me give you a hint, don’t try to keep up with them.

Instead, find out how to make these trends work for YOUR style.

If you’re starting to panic and asking yourself where do I even start, well I’m going to tell you to breathe and trust that I can help.

So here are all the shoes that are going to be fading into the back of your closet, and all the shoes you need to be digging out, buying, and rocking.

Fashion is an identity, and I don’t know if you know what you’re saying with yours. Let’s start here.

I know it can be hard to tackle the beast that is fashion, especially when we put into broad-stroke concepts like “ fashion is your identity”. Some of you may be terrified, others shaking your head in agreement, and the rest of you are probably lost somewhere between those options.

But, that’s ok. Your style is your identity whether you want to agree with that or not. The trends you choose, the style people associate with you, the image you project all feed into this.

Now that may seem scary, and if you’re struggling to find the answers to the above then I think you would greatly benefit from my style guide.

In this style guide, you will find how to hone your personal style, how to try new trends, and why you should care about all of these things. Investing in my personal style was the best thing I’ve ever done. It formed my identity, affected my personal choices, influenced who I ended up being friends with, and even prompted my career choices.

Now, that’s a big claim. But, check out this guide for actionable steps on how you can do the same.


Now, it’s a new year and we are hyped to have a fresh start. Try this again, do that better, become a better person.

And the overall mentality of every new year is out with the old, in with the new.

That holds true for fashion too. So before you have a meltdown and start frantically shopping for ALL the new trends. Let’s talk about the shoe trends going out, and what is coming in.

Now, these are not hard and fast rules. And it’s not to say that you won’t see the “out” shoes in 2020…But, generally speaking, the “out” shoes will be fading more into the background.

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Shoe Trends for 2020:

OUT: Dad sneakers

shoes trends 2020

Ah, just when fashion gave us a comfortable alternative to heels and pain- they take it away. Dad sneakers or “ugly” sneakers are going to be far less prominent in 2020. Will you still see them pop up with certain styles or on an influencer’s feed? Sure. But they will most likely be fewer and farther between, and you will be seeing a drastic increase in….

IN: Tennis shoes, slightly platformed (low top)

Tennis shoes, plain old Keds, Nikes, and lace-up vans will be finding their place in your hearts this year. Now, this is a trend most people can get behind. They are comfortable, go with everything (even those flirty dresses), and work for a ton of activities.

You probably even have these in your closet already. But if you don’t, or just want another option, here are my favorite picks:


OUT: sock boots

Kanye and Kim brought them in. And they can take them away. Sock boots had a moment in 2018/2019. But every good trend must die and these are unfortunately dead in the water. I doubt you will see these boots prominently anywhere in 2020. So, stick them in the back of your closet, and move on.

IN: chunky boots/combat boots

Ok, the chunky boot/combat book scares some people. And I get it, you girly, feminine dreams might be shuddering thinking of such a masculine trend. But, the beauty of this trend is it actually works for everyone. Masculine style dressers already know this and love this trend. But you feminine, girly types might not… However, the easiest way to modernize and add some trendiness to a flirty dress is to add combat boots. The juxtaposition to the two styles adds interest to your outfit and creates a winning combo.

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OUT: Pointy Toe Heels

shoes to stop wearing 2020

Men are dying a little bit inside when I say this… But pointy toe stilettos are out. Sorry, they just are… The sexy work heel or date night look is being replaced by a more interesting option, one with more edge and power behind it. Again, not saying you can’t wear them, but they won’t be considered the “trendy” heel for 2020.

IN: square toe heels

shoe trends 2020

Ah, this is a harder trend for a lot of people. It’s a bit more adventurous and your everyday gal doesn’t opt for it often.. So, we get scared of the square toe heel. But, square toe shoes are not going away anytime soon. If 2020 had a shoe of the year- it would be the square toe heel. So who is this trend for?

Well, if you like very classic fashion this trend might not be for you. However, you could pair the square toe heel with your classic outfit (sweater and trousers) to enable your shoes to be the “interest point” of your outfit. But, I get it if you think that’s too much. If so, skip this shoe trend.
If you’re looking for an easy outfit to wear with the square toe heel check out this post. 

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OUT: Slipper mules

shoes to stop wearing in 2020

A lot of 2018 and 2019 were filled with shoes resembling slippers. But we are saying goodbye to those Gucci fur slippers, and those slipper-style mules that just don’t seem to be speaking the 2020 language anymore. You can rock them in your home, but skip the slipper outside look for now.

IN: ballet flats

shoe trends 2020

I know that there are two schools of thought when it comes to ballet flats. The first school- did ballet flats ever go out of style? Second school- why the heck are ballet flats coming back? Choose your side carefully and with a lack of skepticism and you might just be able to try this trend for 2020.
Ballet flats that are simple, and ideally a little less “logofied” than your Tory Burch flats of the past, are trending for 2020.
These shoes are comfortable for your busy gals, and pretty easy to style. So if you are struggling with trends try this one first.

If you need a place to start- try a ballet flat like these:


And pair it will loose, straight-leg or mom style jeans, an oversized blazer, and a tee-shirt. It will be instantly on-trend and fashionable. {how to style an oversized blazer} 


Ok, there you have it, my friends. Not every shoe trend will be adopted and not all these shoes will be forgotten, but these are the forecasted trends and I hope you try a few in 2020.

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