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So, Here are the life hacks you need to know

So, Here are the life hacks you need to know
Life can be challenging… Don’t we all wish we had a cheat sheet to get through those days where we feel unprepared. Well, I may not have a cheat sheet, but I do have a few life hacks that might just make the day smoother, more manageable, and all around less stressful. In my book, that’s a win!

1. CALENDER everything, and make to do lists. I love a good to do list, it makes my day simple, and the joy I get from checking things off, well that’s pure satisfaction. I like to have a general calendar in mind (month planning) and then break it down to a more specified weekly schedule with a few lists on the side to keep me organized. Check out these printables for the exact calendars I use. They will SAVE YOU! I also like to have a dedicated weekly errand list that includes grocery shopping, cleaning tasks for that week, and anything else that needs to be picked up, dropped off, or shopped for. (also in the free printable, click here)

2. OUTSOURCE, when you need to.

Accept you’re not wonder woman. While we may be bad ass and capable of accomplishing multiple tasks and goals, sometimes its good to know when to outsource. Make life easier by outsourcing the tasks that really drain you or that make you miserable. Personally, I love to clean- so that’s a task I save for myself. But if that’s you’re least favorite task- outsource it! For me, my weakness is cooking. While I strive to become a better cook, not every week I make the cut. Here is where fresh direct or Trader Joe’s come in and helps me with easy to prepare, already seasoned and delicious options. I love lobster ravioli- but I don’t always have the time to make it.
Thank you, traders joes. In the past, I would have just ordered out. But after awhile, I realized what an insanely expensive habit this was, and it really did not cut the time down enough to justify this expense. But I still outsource the majority of the cooking prep time by involving healthy options from Trader Joes or Fresh direct. Know when to call in reinforcement- it doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you smart for spending your time using your strengths. While I still aspire to be a better cook, that’s a task I take on during the weekends, when my time is more flexible.


Where was I before I carried these things around? At 5% battery or below, that’s where! And boy, was it totally shocking and disappointing when that 5% didn’t last me the rest of the day. I have three portable chargers. Two are usually with me and one is back at home charging, ready for an emergency. Nowadays, we live and breath through our cell phones ( while I would love to cut my screen time down, running a business from it kind of prevents that). But carrying these chargers around may seem like a simple solution, but I swear if you get into the habit of always having one- your life will run SO much smoother. Be a boyscout, always prepared! Here is the one I like best

4. CLEAN as you go.

Even if you decide to outsource your cleaning, daily maintenance is a must for a clean and clutter free life. It’s pretty simple if you keep on top of it. I like to do a few tasks a day, whether it’s running the dishwasher, vacuuming the floor/rugs, or just organizing the mail and getting rid of the excess. These small 5-10 min tasks or less, prevent build up and allow my house to be pretty much on point at any time. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s pretty darn presentable.
5. COFFEE and snacks to go.
When I’m on the go I can forget to eat, and getting a coffee on the go can add up. I’ve been guilty of spending anywhere between $50-100 a WEEK on coffee out! NOT GOOD! So instead, I make a latte in my travel mug and take it with me. Not only does this save a ton of money (and taste better), it also allows me to monitor my caffeine intake better. I also love to bring a small snack like a kind bar, a banana, or a cup of mandarin oranges. They are a generally healthy boost and they save me from having chips or a candy bar from a bodega. This way my energy is up, and I’m not about to faint when I arrive home. You wouldn’t send your child out without a snack, give yourself the same love!
Comment below your favorite life hacks that makes your life so much more manageable!