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Style Watch: The 90’s, What was old, is new.

Style Watch: The 90’s, What was old, is new.

The 90s have been filtering in for awhile now, and trends sometimes make a brief appearance and then slowly slink away… But this trend, has staying power. The 90’s are back, and I’m here to tell you how to embrace these trends the right way… You can add 90’s elements, and YET still look modern. By no means does this mean it is ok to rock cornrow parted hair and embrace the “hit me baby one more time” look…

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90’s Fashion Trends

Lets begin with Dr Martens….

dr martens comabt boots grunge

Doc Martens.. Grunge really never disappeared but these bad boys are definitely finding their groove once more.  They are the perfect harder element to add to a slightly feminine outfit. Or rock them with your favorite pair of jeans and a military jacket and REALLY commit. They are comfortable, they can handle any weather, AND they make you look badass. Really, my feet appreciate this trend… I can tackle the world and look cool.

If you want to be adventurous pair them with a feminine maxi dress to edge up a girly look.

Below are my picks, but you can also click here for to shop all options.

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Barrettes and Hair Clips

90's hair clips

On this front, less is NOT more, more is more. However, there is a careful balance between looking like a 5 year old and looking like you are on trend.  I suggest pairing extra girly clips with more grunge style look to add some contrast.  I also suggest avoiding the 90s hair trends, and just using the clips. IE no twisted cornrows or zig zag parted sections with butterfly clips.. Instead opt for a “now” hairstyle with 90s clips. You can overdo a trend by being TOO authentic to its’ origin.  The point of trend resurgence is to bring back a fad in a new and modern way.

Sneakers: Ugly Ones at that…

ugly sneakers

Ugly trainers are back and so are filas, new balance, and adidas. The chunky sole trend applies for sneakers AND dr martens. The chunkier the better.  The key to this trend, in my opinion, is just embrace the fun.  It’s not something that will be around for seasons, and it’s not a style staple, but it is a fun way to edge up a classic outfit, or a unique way to dress down a more elegant outfit.

Plus, lets all be thankful for once fashion is allowing us a walking friendly shoe that is ACTUALLY comfortable. So for that reason, among others, I’m loving this look.

Glitter here, Glitter there, Glitter EVERYWHERE:

90's glitter make up

From glitter lip gloss, to glitter highlights on cheeks and eyelids, it is back.  This is a fun, non committal way to do the 90’s thing.  If chunky sneakers and hair clips aren’t your thing, try adding a little glitter to lids or lips to add that 90’s fun.  Any drugstore has super inexpensive options for this trend ( wet and wild is a great option for disposable trends).

The 90’s were really about glitter with gloss.  So the clear glosses or slightly tinted glosses that have lots of glitter in them fill this trend the best.  Also, the multi use glitter options that can be used to add a bit of shimmer on your cheeks is also a fun execution. Although, be prepared to get glitter on any and all people in your life. If they complain, tell them you’re helping them embrace the 90’s.

Crop tops and Bike Shorts

90's style bike shorts

Bike shorts! WHO? Who would have thought this revealing and slightly cringe worthy item would ever be a major trend again. But, they are. And to be fair, I love the comfort element to these.  They pair great with a crop top, or with an oversized tee or sweatshirts.The key with this trend is to embrace it, and wear it to the right event.. Would I wear a crop top and bike shorts to a birthday dinner or night out? NO!!! Would I wear it out to grab coffee with a friend, or on a daytime shopping spree. YES! It is a casual way to stay comfortable and trendy.  Love it for specified moments, but don’t get too obsessed.

As you can see I dressed up this outfit with a blazer, a great way to add a bit more “adult” to this trend… if that is even possible…

90's style bike shorts and crop tops

90’s accessories: Whats the deal?

90's gold chains and little sunglasses

Lots of gold chains, Layered to be exact

So gold necklaces and chokers have been a thing for awhile. But now more than ever the layering of chains is back.. The 90s was famous for rappers sporting large gold chains, and girls wearing chokers, and now we have the fusion of these trends into one.  The more chains the better, and it’s nice if you can get them to have a seemingly scattered variety of length.. (A necklace spacer helps with this)

As you can see I have 5 separate necklaces on in this photo and they vary in length but are not too disparate.  You don’t want it so cluttered that your neck is tangled mess, but you also want the illusion of layers.  I love the religious undertones of this necklace collection, and I think regardless of religious preference you can admire the aesthetic value of the iconography. But there are many other ways to get this trend with absolutely no religious undertones.

Small Sunglasses

The Audrey Hepburn shades are out (as of now, don’t worry they will come back), and small sunglasses of all sorts are back and “bigger” than ever.  Whether they be small angular frames, like these, or small round John Lennon frames, all are up for grabs with this trend.  I suggest trying this style of sunglasses on in person- they are sometimes hard to pull off. It’s all about getting the right style and size for you face.  I tried on several frames before landing on this slightly larger “small” frame.  It worked better with the angles on my face and didn’t make my face seem massive in proportion. Which, is definitely not the goal.

I would suggest trying them on in person and avoiding them if they either don’t overhang slightly past the edge of your outer eye socket, or if they don’t actually block out sun. Not that they HAVE to be totally functional, but I find that a good gauge for whether they work with your face proportionally speaking.  If I can see a lot of sunlight with them on, I’ve probably gone too small.

Now, if you are bold and daring and have bone structure like Bella Hadid, go as small as you like.  This is just for people who struggle adopting this trend, and feel they can’t pull it off. You can, there is just a bit more trial and error to do it right.

So there you have my trend watch for the 90s. Do you hate or love these trends? Which ones will you be sporting?

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Monday 25th of February 2019

I LOVE the 90s.. and i think these are great tips to help people who are little reticent to try out this trend..

Plus- the items you picked are SO on point... Can't wait to try out that necklace spacer 🥰


Monday 25th of February 2019

Yes, that necklace spacer was a game changer... No more asking my boyfriend to clasp or unclasp a tiny tangled mess of a chain 🤩

Glad you like the post!!!


Monday 25th of February 2019

GIRL- these graphics are so incredible... where do you make them ? You are really stepping up your content, your blog, and your images etc...

🙌 keep it up


Monday 25th of February 2019

I use photoshop. I shoot all my own images ( except for the product images that are in the sliders). And I edit them on a few different software apps... but mostly photoshop- especially for the more complicated meshing of images. It's not terribly difficult once you get the hang of it.

Thank you for noticing 😘


Monday 25th of February 2019

OMG- the sparkly bike shorts.... they are back. and you pull them off so so well 👏

i love this post- ignore the other comment.... TROLL!


Monday 25th of February 2019

YES, the infamous bike shorts 🤪 they are amazing and a bit cringe worthy... But i keep wearing them


Monday 25th of February 2019

It is clear you spent a ton of time on this post... can't say it was worth it. 90s are gross. sorry


Monday 25th of February 2019

it's ok, everyone is entitled to their opinions! I understand that some of the 90s trends are not going to appeal to everyone... thats the beauty of fashion! TO EACH THEIR OWN 😍