The Million Dollar Question: Moral Responsibility

Moral responsibility is a key element to our world and something we, as a society, seem to be missing some. Ok to be clear- if i had a million dollars (at all, not even just to spare) I would give it to anyone who could answer this question definitively. Since that’s not on the table, comment anyway because it’s an important topic.

Currently, as an adult, I’ve been given a structure where I really don’t have to keep myself in check all on my own. There is someone always over my shoulder judging my actions, assessing where they fall on a moral compass, and telling me whether I’m good or bad. Believe me, for a perfectionist this is hell. But whether it’s my therapist, my parents, or other outside forces- I’ve found that this box leads me to be constantly accessing my own actions and feeling very confident in the path I take. It’s like a constant audience poll that I can accept, address, and integrate.

A lot of people, do not have this as adults.. So without opinions being forced upon someone, how does the purveyor of these opinions check themselves? I’m fortunate, I always have a listening, safe ear to help me problem solve. Others, fly blind. I think this is not only dangerous, but can cause a somewhat god complex in us all. I used to believe that my decisions were my own and that whatever I choose didn’t impact the rest of the world. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying I’m shaking the world with my choices, but I realize I do have an impact and I want that impact to be positive. I’m grateful I do not live in a negative, god-like construct anymore.

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Others opinions, even when they are unwarranted, have helped me find my clarity on my choices. I know I’m living a clean, healthy, and honest path, and have been for awhile now; It feels good, it feels burden free.

So tell me, how do we have a checks and balance system for everyone? Mine is in place, it helps and feels good. But, is it simply just not necessary because as adults we can check and balance ourselves? If this was true, there would be a lot more peace and a lot less hate in the world.

I’m seriously asking, comment below your answer.

How do we, as humans, spread kindness and integrity over hate and cruelty? Million dollar question right there? And how do we enable a moral checks and balance system for everyone? Moral responsibility is an important concept and we should all try a little harder to put a system in place for eachother. To better one another, to grow together.

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