Weekly Whats- January


So each month I will either do a post about what I’m obsessing over shopping wise, or what I’m loving within the world around me. I don’t want it to only be “shopping, shopping, shopping”. I want to be able to share my interests and newest discoveries with you all as well, so that you may ideally benefit as I did from these thought-provoking, creativity-sparking, or just plain addicting “whats”.

So let’s start with my weekly “Netflix” what…



This documentary was great. Now, I have heard there is Hulu documentary on this subject as well, but I have yet to be able to dive into it… So for the sake of this, I have no comparison for you. However, if you’re looking for a thought-provoking, captivating, and very entertaining documentary- this is it. It shows the incredible impact of social media and the power that influencers have over branding and marketing. This music festival appeared to be the most elite and exclusive “island getaway”, and with every influencer and top model touting their tickets, it went viral and sold out almost immediately. It shows the power of an orange square, and it shows how social media can be used to promote or destroy… And the falsehoods behind not comprehending that social media is truly a “highlight reel” and should be considered only as such. Go watch this documentary to understand more, it’s truly worth your weekend watch. Just search “Fyre: The greatest Party that never happened”, in your Netflix.


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It’s Not Supposed to be this way by Lisa Terkeurst


This book is definitely a “weekly what” for me… Now, it comes with a warning… If you really can’t stand spirituality or Christianity- then you might want to skip this read. To be fair, I’m not a traditionally “religious” person, at all. I find peace in spirituality as a concept, and of course the old adage of “there are no atheists in fox holes” has certainly applied to me at times.. But in terms of being a bible thumper or prayer enthusiast- I am not. However, this book is just so hopeful about acceptance and trusting the process of life, that I couldn’t help but find a lot of guidance and comfort in it. It is certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea- it, for instance, ends with a prayer at each chapter…

However, I found (if you are against religion, just remove the word “father” and the same “prayer” can become a wonderful inspirational saying instead). I found her outlook on life and despair and understanding the larger plan in place very comforting to me during a tumultuous and uncertain time in my life. When constantly asking “why me?”- this book made me realize that that question is pointless and not appropriate.

If you can’t see the full picture of your life, how can you possibly know what you are experiencing is not, in fact, the best thing for you at this moment. And if it is not, perhaps it has you on a path to your “best moment”. Her analogies about dust and clay hit home… And overall, if you’re dealing with hardship, or just can’t see your life with a clear picture anymore- I suggest reading this book.



The Realization Podcast

I’m always loving a good podcast for my train rides and walks around NYC. And this one is just wonderful. If you want to delve more into the fashion world or understand what it takes to actually grow, inspire, and develop realness within such a (at times) vapid field….This podcast is for you. I binged almost every episode out (it’s a fairly new podcast) and I found each interview insightful and chock full of information for any burgeoning fashionista or entrepreneur. It has a very relaxed and “real” feel about it, and I felt like I was overhearing two friends discuss fashion, instead of an interview full of boasting and pats on the back (which, to be honest, I’m a bit sick of). I loved hearing the REAL stories of triumphs and struggles from anxiety, to stress to fashion week to influencers.. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast.

Vital Proteins: Collagen Peptides

So as you guys probably know, I’m a quest to not only treat my body with a bit more kindness but because of stress, I’m also attempting to quell my very hormonal skin. I used to have fairly clear and low maintenance skin. But, the only thing that I can attribute this recent change to is the stress that plagues my daily life and has no real end in sight. So, for that- I’ve been looking at new ways to help my skin return to its former glory. And while I plan on sharing some of my other attempts in a separate post. I have to talk about this collagen powder. While it may not clear up acne, it certainly has brought a certain life and glow back to my skin.

It’s totally over the counter, however, I suggest talking to a physician before getting on a daily regime of it. I mix it in with my juice or coffee in the morning and it has zero taste. It helps joints, the elasticity of the skin, and can even help reverse some aging. I found its a great natural way to help my body, and give my skin a little boost. God knows it needs all the help I can get right now!


So there you have it! Let me know what your weekly whats are or if you have or will try any of the above!

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