What’s this all about?

So if you’re new to this journey, well let me fill you in. It’s been a complicated road thus far- a new blog, new name, new site, redesign site, get my sh*t together. Now, I’m finally ready to show you everything.


But for a brief recap:


My name is Gabrielle Arruda, and this is my site.  I used to be a fashion designer, and now I’ve added content creator/blogger to my resume. I have strong feelings about how blogging and/or influencer jobs should be done. I think it is a powerful and respectful position that takes an insane amount of care and coordination. Or, you can half-ass it and just get by. I prefer never to be the latter. When I love something, I love it. And I will do everything I can to provide you with information and help you need.

Fashion has always been my voice. I’m a bit socially introverted, especially in larger settings. But, with fashion I am fearless. I honestly think I would try any trend once, at the very least. But, that’s me. This is also about you. This about taking your interest or love for fashion and enabling you to let your clothes and style give you confidence.  Let your style speak the volumes that you crave to tell the world, but sometimes just can’t get out in time. Fashion is so much more powerful than we give it credit for. It’s casually marked as a fluff market or a “lite” art… But just like any other creative outlet that has a functional element, that only heightens its’ power because it is part of your everyday.

I first identified myself as a designer, and while I also love to create clothes, styling, instructing, advising, and inspiring people to wear those clothes and expand their style has also become a newfound passion. I want you to know that whatever I endorse or express is always my personal and validated opinion. You’ll come to know I take this seriously and would never shill a product for a paycheck. i want to provide you with value; with information and inspiration.

So maybe you’ve always loved fashion, but you’ve said things like “well, that looks really good on her, but I couldn’t pull it off”… or maybe you’ve said “well you’re thin so of course you look cute in that”, or even ” that’s too much of a look for me to wear”. These are limitations you are putting on yourself because you lack the confidence to try.  It’s brave to try things and fail. When you get in the habit of trying things, a beautiful thing happens- you get comfortable with “being out on that limb” and suddenly it doesn’t feel so scary anymore.  And that is when the magic happens.

That is when you feel the confidence from change, the beauty from exploring, and the identity within your style.

I choose to find my strength through style. I hope you’re here to join me.