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craft the closet of your dreams on a tablet with worksheets behind it
craft the closet of your dreams- create the closet you've always dreamt of without spending a fortune and develop your ideal personal style
I don’t want to call you out, but I bet your closet looks something like this…
And you feel like this when having to choose an outfit…

My closet used to stress me out….

Now, it’s become a source of inspiration and a foundation for my dream style!
hi, my name is gabrielle arruda and i'm the creator of this course

Welcome to Craft The Closet of Your Dreams! If you are not familiar with my background, let me introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle Arruda, and I am a style blogger at and a fashion designer. I’ve competed on Project Runway, had my designs in high-end stores, and styled many clients.

When I did individual styling consultations, I found most people’s biggest style thorn was rooted in their closets. Their closet was a mess, and because of that, they avoided expanding and expressing themselves through clothes. Without the guided help from a professional (me), they would give up on fashion and wear the same few outfits over and over again.

I realized the easiest way to help people develop the style they’ve always wanted and to create a stress-free fashion experience was to package up all my knowledge and develop this playbook.

This playbook contains a strategic, step-by-step method to help you organize your closet and achieve the style you’ve been dreaming of. No more closet overwhelm or outfit exhaustion.

Craft the Closet of Your Dreams Playbook is the answer….

create a closet you love, that allows you to put together an outfit in under 5 minutes!

craft the closet of your dreams product playbook with worksheets and 3 video thumbnails

This playbook is for you if….

You have major closet overwhelm and your mornings are filled with outfit dread.

You can’t quite seem to find your personal style and your closet feels disjointed.

Picking an outfit, much less finding the pieces you want, is a constant stress.

Do you ever sit there perusing Pinterest and wonder why your style never looks like that?

Do you feel stressed trying to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe?

Does having to change an outfit last minute causes immediate anxiety?

Finding your style doesn’t have to be this nebulous task. Instead, with the Craft The Closet of your Dreams Playbook you will find a strategic method to achieve the style you’ve always wanted.

5 Common mistakes you’re probably making with your style….

1. Your closet has no order to it

2. You keep all your clothes in one closet and don’t separate out each season

3. You don’t apply your lifestyle needs to your style inspiration

4. You get frustrated when trying a new style and give up after one attempt

5. You have too many impulse purchases and sale-buys clogging up your closet

craft the closet of your dreams on a tablet with worksheets behind it

This digital playbook will provide a step-by-step guide to curating a closet that not only reflects your lifestyle but also makes achieving your dream outfits easy.

With videos and worksheets, in addition to the digital playbook text itself, you will have your ultimate resource to craft the closet of your dreams.

No more messy closets, no more outfit indecision, and no more stress around your style.

Find the style you were always meant to have.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Frequently Asked Questions…

Will I need to buy a whole new wardrobe?

No, this playbook will guide you through evaluating your closet and what your lifestyle requires for your closet. Next, we will systematically create a list of wardrobe gaps that may highlight specific items you would benefit from. However, it is encouraged that you buy those items slowly and with thought. We are working off of what you already own, first and foremost.

Will this help me find my style or is it just a closet overhaul?

This playbook will absolutely help you hone down your style inspiration and apply it in real life. It is the first step in your style journey.

How will I gain access to the materials?

This playbook is a digital product. Once you have completed your payment information an email will be sent to you with your download. Within the digital book you will find links to all resources, worksheets, and videos.

What is included?

You will receive access to your digital playbook that includes written copy to work through, worksheets to complete, resource images, and videos all to assist you on this strategic fashion journey. As a bonus, you can also join the facebook group for more support.

If I like my current style, will this still help me?

Absolutely! This is not about erasing your current style or changing yourself. But rather, it is about creating a closet that works for your life, and that gives you the confidence to allow your style to evolve. Knowing that you like your current style choices is a great place to start and this playbook will still provide tons of value!

Who is this playbook not for…

This course requires you to do some work. It requires you to systematically evaluate your lifestyle and fashion needs and your style inspirations. It also requires you to completely clean out your closet, organize it, and audit the contents. And finally, you will be expected to translate your inspiration outfits in real life (with guidance).

This course is not for you if you just want someone to style you. This course is also not for you if you don’t want to evaluate your closet at it stands now.

Does this work for any fashion style?

Yes, this process is about guiding you to find the style inspiration that most interests you and works for your lifestyle. This playbook does not favor any one specific fashion look or style.

PLUS- as a bonus you’ll get….

Access to the facebook group for ongoing support and any outfit or closet-related queries.

Join like-minded fashion lovers who will share resources, ask questions, and help you along your style journey.

Free Outfit Evaluations (for two outfits) by Gabrielle, herself.

Don’t know why an outfit isn’t working? Need more specialized help trying a trend? These 2 outfit evaluations will provide you specialized guidance on how to tackle your new style inspirations.

Let’s be honest…

If you’re hesitating at all, it’s because you’re hoping that one day your style and wardrobe will just magically fall into place. But by doing nothing, you are delaying your style pursuits and halting your ability to find strength through style.

Once you master your style and have a wardrobe that works for you, you’ll wonder why you ever put it off! And by purchasing this playbook you will have a step-by-step guide on how to achieve it, and you’ll have access to any help you need through the bonus facebook group and outfit evaluations. Don’t wait!

My styling one-on-ones went for hundreds of dollars, so $47 is a steal for this entire system!

Get results or your money back!

If you try the Craft Your Dream Closet Playbook and don’t walk away with a closet you love simply provide proof (pictures and finished worksheets) within 20-45 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase.