Ok, I might have some terrifying or exciting news for you… Sweatpants are in fashion. And not just by the majority popular vote, but by the electoral college vote of every fashion influencer and publication out there. So what does this

In an age where sustainability is taking a stronger stance over fast fashion, thrifting for vintage clothes can be a genius option.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you are also crafting a more individual style. But vintage

We may not like to admit it, but leggings have become a staple in our everyday wardrobe. And, we can also all admit we aren’t wearing them because we are going to yoga or pilates every day. So, the question

Ok, so leather was one of the hottest trends to surface from all the runways last year, which means that those garments will be sold and hitting the streets in 2020. But, this is not your traditional moto style jacket. 

There is so much to say for fashion trends and the quick rate that they fleet in and out of our lives. But, the ‘90s fashion obsession persists. ‘90s fashion has been filtering in through our social media and fashion

Wonder how all those it girls and celebrities look so chic at the airport? Well, comfy airport style is attainable and athleisure is the way to get it. Here is the complete guide to airport style #airportstyle #athleisure

Whether you love or hate the double denim look, more casually known as the Canadian tuxedo, denim trends are telling us that this look will be around right now. So, learn how to do it right.

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Hailey Bieber's style has exploded this year and it's time we focus on how we can adopt her chic outfit styles for ourselves. So there was a few-year gap where we all questioned whether or not Hailey Bieber (then, Hailey Baldwin)

These major amazon fashion finds went viral in 2019, but what about 2020? Here are the amazon trends that are coming in to replace the old, and what might be hanging around for another year. Ok, so we all live

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