bermuda denim short trend for summer 2020

Bermuda Denim Shorts Have Been Resurrected for Summer 2020: I’ll explain…

Summer is almost upon us and I don’t know about you but I could really use the warm sunshine rays right now… I’m literally more pale than a ghost.  And with my tan, I’ll take a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, please.

I know, you might be cringing a bit.  But, let’s all be grateful the denim diapers/thong ( I honestly don’t know what we should refer to them as) we saw done by the Y Project didn’t become a real “thing”.

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But, what are the shorts that will be trending this summer?

Bermuda length shorts are all the rage.  We have been seeing them done by The Row, Tom Ford, and Staud.


But, we need a casual short too, so the fashion community had a meeting and agreed that the denim Bermuda short trend can join in on the fun too.

What is a Bermuda denim short, you ask?

Well, it’s a short that can either be fitted or slightly baggier.  It has a hem that ends anywhere from the mid-thigh to just below the knee.  I find the more popular denim Bermuda shorts for summer being just above the knee and somewhat fitted ( not skin tight but not “baggy” either). 

Here are my top picks for Bermuda Denim Shorts:


Why should I wear the denim Bermuda short trend?

bermuda denim short trend, black denim

Well, because fashion said so.  I kid.

But, they are a great option to add a bit more sophistication to your summer outfit and they tend to skew more chic than your traditional daisy duke shorts.

And, since oversized blazers are not going anywhere for summer, they can add a nice casual touch for summer daytime activities. [ elevate your look with the oversized blazer, the outfit possibilities are endless] 

Here are some outfit ideas for the denim Bermuda short trend:

Denim Short Trend Outfit Idea 1

bermunda denim short trend

what you need:  Bermuda denim shorts, square toe heels, oversized blazer, crop top, and layered gold necklaces.

This look is playing on ALL the trends for summer,  Oversized blazer- check. Square toe heels- check. Layering necklaces- check.  [how to wear square toe heels like a fashion influencer] -including affordable look-a-likes for these Bottega Veneta Heels. 

You can’t get a more on-trend outfit than this one.  If you want to make it more casual just swap out the square-toe heels for some chunky combat boots.

This is also a great look because it is generally monochromatic which makes it instantly more stylish. And the pop of color in the shoes really draws you in. [ how to style monochrome] 


Denim Short Trend Outfit Idea 2

bermuda denim short trend with white oversized short, denim outfit ideas

what you need: Bermuda denim shorts, oversized white denim shirt, crop knit tank, and low top sneakers.

This outfit is casual and easy.  It’s perfect for summer outings around the city or at the park. Or even nature, if you find yourself so lucky to be surrounded by trees and lakes.

The more fitted shorts and crop top balances out the more boxy shirt and provides a nice balance to the look.



Denim Short Trend Outfit 3

bermuda denim short trend with bucket hat and oversized tee

what you need: Bermuda denim shorts, oversized tee, bucket hat, and combat boots

I love the 90’s vibe of this outfit and the bucket hat. These are two big trends that will continue into summer.  For more info on these trends check out:

90s’ outfits done right 

Bucket hats done right, bucket hat outfit ideas

14 ways to style an oversized white tee

This outfit is perfect for any casual summer outing. Going to a  baseball game, picnic in the park, or even a casual brunch outside.


Denim Short Trend Outfit 4

bermuda denim short trend outfit idea with oversized blazer and prada re-edition bag

what you need: Bermuda Denim Shorts, Oversized blazer, cropped tank/wifebeater ( I hate that term), trendy bag, mule sandals

The Prada Re-edition bags are going to be everywhere this summer, and they are a great addition to the Bermuda denim short trend.

This outfit is similar to look 1, but this look is not monochromatic and the shorts are a bit longer.  Whenever you’re crafting your look just pay attention to your proportions.  With this look, I can wear lower heels because the jeans are longer and the proportions are already elongating me.


Denim Short Trend Outfit 5

Bermuda denim short trend with cardigan outfit idea

what you need: Bermuda denim shorts, cropped cardigan, trendy sandal, chunky gold necklace, and a micro-bag

Spring knitwear is going to be popping up in the summer too.  Cropped cardigans will definitely be one of the biggest trends you see within the knitwear realm.  [spring knitwear and what you need to know] 

Micro-bags will still be hanging around, too. I find their fun and sartorial charm kind of addicting.  Read more on them here. 

Statement gold jewelry and layering gold necklaces will also be a big trend. So invest in some great gold necklace options. Here are my favorite affordable jewelry brands. 


Ok, so Bermuda denim shorts.  They have clawed their way out of the Nascar scene and found their rightful place among the fashion elite.

They are modest, easy to wear, and ultimately a trendy piece you need to incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

Denim trends come and go, but they ALWAYS circle back. So jump on this trend and embrace it while it lasts, and in 5 years we can talk about these again.

Go get your denim on!

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