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Kibbe: Flamboyant Natural Style Guide

Kibbe: Flamboyant Natural Style Guide

Flamboyant Natural: Natural with a Dramatic Undercurrent

You’ve been introduced to Kibbe’s body typing system, taken the quizzes, mulled over the results, and have officially typed yourself as a Flamboyant Natural.

Now, if all of those words seemed as though I was talking in a foreign language, you should start with the principles behind the Kibbe System, and then complete the type quiz (which I added loads of example pictures to help with!).

Let’s recap…

What is the Kibbe Body ID System?

The Kibbe system is a typing system that is composed of 13 unique style IDs based around 5 main families: Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, and Romantic.

5 kibbe families, dramatic, natural, calssic, gamine, and romantic

You are typed based on three main components- your bone structure, how your flesh lays on your body, and your facial features. And their individual balance of yang (sharp, angular) and yin (soft, curved).

As a flamboyant natural, you guessed it, you are in the natural family.

What is the Flamboyant Natural ID?

flamboyant natural moodboard- consisiting of loose outfit styles, unstructured bags, artsy jewelry, and large brim hats

The Flamboyant Natural has a mainly natural core (which is defined as blunt yang), with dramatic (yang) undertone.

So you have strong yang to your body and features, but your body also has blunt edges. You are broad, long, and somewhat angular (without severe edges).

And according to Kibbe, you have an approachable, creative, charismatic, and warm demeanor.

When it comes to where you fall on the Kibbe scale, you are first and foremost in the Natural family, with dramatic family notes. You may relate to style guidelines from both families, but ultimately you are not an even mix of the two.

But for this style guide, we will be focusing on the natural style lines and using the dramatic notes as a way to add some extra oomph to your look and satisfy that extreme yang undertone.

Because your essence is composed of strong yang with blunt edges, Kibbe refers to your style as “Free Spirit Chic”. But don’t get hung up on the free-spirit part and assume we are going to suggest you dress like a hippie.

You shine in soft-edged clothing that is oversized, irregular shaped, and executed in “bold strokes”. You have a strong vertical line, and a strong horizontal line (because of your width and shoulders), so we want to emphasize both of these features.

Remember that the flamboyant natural is a blended ID, so not every flamboyant natural will have the same exact physical characteristics.

What are the Physical Characteristics of the Flamboyant Natural?

First and foremost, the kibbe system is full of nuance, and the “rules” have evolved and changed over the years. I recommend not looking at one verified celebrity and basing your type on that.

Be sure you look at the descriptions, the quiz, and the style lines that work for your body to properly find your ID.

Also remember all these physical traits are in comparison to your other features, not other people. So be sure to compare your shoulder width to other parts of your body, not a different person with “broad shoulders”.

The Flamboyant Natural has the following characteristics:

flamboyant natural strong yang with blunt edges. FN body example- cindy crawford. long limbs, long vertical line, blunt edges, not much curve, prominent facial features

Body Type:

You can generally be described as straight, broad, and blunt. A lot of flamboyant naturals have a muscular quality to their bodies as well. Quite often the bust and hips tend to be straight or flat (but not always).

Don’t get hung up on the words “broad, straight, or blunt”, or subconsciously reject this ID because of those descriptors. Just wait, you can look GORGEOUS and sexy as a flamboyant natural (also referred to as FN, from here on out).

Bone Structure:

  • Height: Moderate to very tall, usually over 5 ft 5 inches. While there is no “height requirement” for this ID, there is a focus on a strong vertical line.
  • A broad quality to your bones, wide shoulders
  • Long arms and legs (helps that vertical elongation)
  • Larger hands and feet that can be narrow if they have the length still
  • Broad or prominent facial features. Often your nose, cheeks, or jaw will have a blunt or square quality to them.
Flamboyant Natural face example- Claudia Schiffer, broader/flat nose, straight lips, straight eyes, and a broad jawline

Facial Features :

  • Broad quality to nose, cheeks, jaw
  • Eyes are usually either very large and open or have a straight shape and feel small
  • Straight lips, usually thinner
  • Taut cheeks, although this can change with weight gain

When flamboyant naturals gain weight they tend to gain it mostly from the waist down. Although their faces can get softer and fleshier overall, as well. They often become more square (losing their waist) and stocky as they gain weight.

A flamboyant natural will not have:

  • Voluptuous curves or hourglass figure (although its not impossible to have some curves as a flamboyant natural, you just won’t have Jessica Rabbit curves)
  • Delicate facial features
  • Small, sharp bones or features
  • Exotic features
  • Extremely petite stature
  • Sharp or narrow bone structure

Flamboyant Natural Coloring:

Any coloring is possible, although Flamboyant Naturals have skin that freckles or tans readily. They can have warm or cool undertones and be either blended or high-contrast. So I would not use your coloring as a determining factor for this type.

And, in my opinion, it is best to use your unique coloring to determine your seasonal color palette. I have a guide on that here.

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Flamboyant Natural Style Guide

So, you’ve made it this far without being overwhelmed by yin and yang and balance and contrast! The Kibbe system is complex, and not without its flaws. So I would use this as a starting point for your style journey.

The value in the Kibbe system is looking at your body’s natural lines and essence and finding the clothes that highlight those strengths.

It can help explain why a certain trend in its original form might not work for you, or why certain silhouettes just don’t flatter your shape.

Use this information as a baseline for your wardrobe and style goals. But don’t be afraid to expand past it or adjust new styles once you have a good understanding of your natural silhouette and shape.

Style Goals for a Flamboyant Natural

woman with large gray scarf and unique silver jewelry and soft sweater showing style lines for Flamboyant natural

Excess fabric, oversized silhouettes, soft edges are your sweet spots. Avoid tailoring, sharp seamlines, and stiff fabrics.

Remember we mentioned “free-spirit chic” as the overarching style goals for the flamboyant natural. Well, what does that actually mean?

Keep it oversized and relaxed looking.

The Flamboyant Natural should generally not opt for clothes that are extremely tailored, made of stiff or rigid fabrics, or have sharp lines. This will overly emphasize your broadness and give you a stocky look.

You want soft, flowing fabrics that hug your body, lengthen your vertical line, and give you a sweeping effect. Think about how a confident paintbrush strokes across a canvas. The line is natural, bold, yet uncontained.

The Flamboyant Natural should generally avoid anything cropped, as it will break up their verticality and highlight their straight body shape.

Floaty and light fabrics are great for this silhouette as well as flowy prints/patterns. It all helps the Flamboyant Natural convey their free-spirit flair. However, they shouldn’t be “dainty”.

This silhouette is all about adjusting the balance. You want to create a balance between your large, broad areas and your strong vertical line.

Flamboyant Natural Style Do’s and Don’ts

african american woman with relaxed hair, large stra brim hat, unique statement earrings, loose linen shirt, and flowy soft skirt as an example of Flamboyant Natural style aesthetic

Flamboyant natural styles should be:

  • Boldly unconstructed
  • Flowing fabrics, wide shapes
  • Oversized or irregular geometric shapes
  • Soft edges and seams
  • Lines are sweeping and relaxed
  • Emphasize your strong vertical line and horizontal line
  • Risk-taker, adventurous vibe
  • Sophisticated but approachable

Flamboyant Naturals should avoid:

  • Stiff, severe edges
  • (Overly) Tailored pieces
  • Fussy details or trim
  • Sharp angles
  • Harsh lines or silhouettes
  • Ornate and intricate details
  • Anything too symmetrical
  • Delicate fabrics – A flowy, shiny silk would be too delicate, but a nice light linen or cotton works.
jane birkin style collage

Ok, as far as I know, Kibbe never officially typed Jane Birkin. And the internet is divided whether she is a flamboyant natural or a flamboyant gamine. Based on her 5 ft 8 in height, and her narrow shoulders, and sharp features I would actually say she might be pure Dramatic. But her style is a great inspiration for the Flamboyant Naturals!

One also has to look at how her style changes over the decades. In the 60’s she has a more gamine style, and is directly referencing Twiggys look. Which may be the reason for some of the confusion.

However, in the 70’s I think Jane really embraces the easy, relaxed vibes of the flamboyant natural. And I think she is a great style icon to reference.

Sound off in the comments, if you disagree. Happy to discuss.

Verified Kibbe Flamboyant Naturals

flamboyant natural celebrity examples verified by David Kibbe:  Princess Diana of Wales, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Obama

Here’s a list of verified Kibbe celebrities that were either originally in his book, or verified later by Kibbe himself. This is a good example of how the flamboyant natural ID can vary in style and type.

  • Shirley Maclaine (Kibbe’s prime example of the Flamboyant Natural)
  • Brooke Shields
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Charlize Theron
  • Christie Brinkely
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Eva Arden
  • Farrah Fawcet
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Ingrid Bergman (re-assigned by Kibbe in 2014)
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Julia Roberts
  • Katie Holmes
  • Linda Evans
  • Lucie Arnaz
  • Lynda Carter
  • Michelle Obama
  • Princess Diana of Wales

There are quite a few supermodels on this list, so just know you are in good company! Because I know, the terms width, blunt, and broad are not things we easily accept in our IDs.

Unverified Kibbe Flamboyant Naturals

Now, one of the sticking points with the “strictly Kibbe” system is the lack of diversity, race, and size inclusivity with the original ID examples. Although he definitely appreciates an inclusive attitude to different shapes, and bodies, the examples are kind of one-sided.

We understand it was created in the 80s, but for our modern-day purposes, it’s important to have well-rounded examples. After all, fashion is for everyone.

So, here are some “un-verified” style icons for the Flamboyant Natural that can help you see the traits in different sizes, and skin tones.

  • Imaan Hammam
  • Ciara
  • Solange
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Meg Thee Stallion ( some debate on her type, but she’s definitely in the natural family)
  • Rosario Dawson
  • Isabeli Fontana
  • Paloma Elsesser
  • Emme (Melissa Owens Miller) – plus size model

And here are some influencers that have varied versions (including plus-size) of the Flamboyant Natural Shape:

(note that not all of these people follow Kibbe’s style suggestions, but they are good for inspiration and to see how they wear different looks).

Building a Wardrobe: Flamboyant Natural

woman with large brim fedora and loose soft-edged coat walking at sunset to exude flamboyant natural aesthetic

Shapes for the Flamboyant Natural

Strong geometrical shapes that have soft edges. Oversized, unconstructed, asymmetrical. Irregular and oblong shapes, as well as soft rectangles.

Avoid: Ornate and intricate shapes, sharply symmetrical shapes, and sharp-edged silhouettes.

Silhouettes for the Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural clothing lines. free spirit chic: excess fabric, oversized silhouettes, soft edges.  examples

Your sweet spot will be in soft, bold, sweeping lines. Mostly filled with unconstructed silhouettes. Because you have strong horizontal and vertical lines the soft “T” silhouette will be a go-to shape for you. Unconstructed silhouettes, relaxed, and unstructured shapes all work well. In my opinion, you don’t have to eliminate all tailored lines, just choose the right ones (fabric/seaming combo)- we will get into examples on this later.

Avoid: Severe, or “still” silhouettes that have no movement. Hourglass shapes, symmetrical silhouettes, and delicate/fussy lines.

Fabrics for the Flamboyant Natural

Fabrics have evolved a lot since the original Kibbe text was created. And because of that he suggests taking a more holistic and visual approach to which fabrics work for each type. But for the flamboyant natural, you really have a great selection of textures and fabrics.

Heavy (not stiff), rough-textured fabrics work well for you. All leathers, suedes, and plush fabrics are excellent. Draped fabrics must be ultrathick and heavy. Knits should be substantial, heavy, or ultra plush. Skinny and ribbed knits are possible in oversized garments.

Weight is always more important than the type of fabric. You could opt for a shiny satin or brocade as long as the fabric has some weight. Raw silks and shantungs also work because they have some texture and body to them (as opposed to a light and airy silk).

Avoid: Delicate, soft, shiny fabrics with no body. Clingy fabrics that are flimsy or soft. Stiff, flat fabrics that make you look boxy. Ultrasheer or fussy fabrics.

Flamboyant Natural Details

woman walking in dessert with abstract print shawl jacket

The details of your outfit should be irregular, asymmetrical, oversized, and relaxed. Your shoulder details should be elongated and broad but not sharp. Pleats and gathers should be soft, shallow, and not overly tailored or sharp. And the trim you lean towards should be bold, oversized, irregular, OR clean and minimal.

Necklines for the Flamboyant Natural

The best necklines for you are open, loose, and unconfined. You do best with boatnecks, open collars, soft large cowls, strappy camisoles, and asymmetrical necklines. Clean lapels and simple shawl collars work great for jackets. Loose and flowy necklines are best, nothing too fussy.

Waistline Styling: Flamboyant Natural

You could opt for a french tuck or a “bloused over” effect. Waist emphasis is not your best friend with the FN Kibbe ID. Even if you have a more petite waistline, emphasis around it will break up your long vertical line.

Ultimately, we want to put emphasis on our best features, our long vertical and our strong horizontal shoulders.

PLEASE NOTE there is a big difference between waist emphasis and showing off your waist. I’m a Flamboyant Natural and I show off my waist frequently. However, I avoid choosing pieces that highlight my waist or break up my vertical line (like a dress with a contrasting belt along the waist).

Here’s an example of me showing off my waist while still maintaining my vertical and honoring my width (but spoiler alert: it’s NOT a BOHO look):

Sleeve Styles for the Flamboyant Natural

For sleeves, you have two general categories that seamlessly integrate with your ID. You can go for the simple and straight or you can go with the full, sweeping sleeves. Either sleeve option should be unrestricted and move easily.

Separates for Flamboyant Natural

You’ll love separates because they’re so exciting and work perfectly for your ID. They should make up the bulk of your wardrobe, and the mix-and-match effect is fantastic. Always keep an elongated vertical line with strong shoulders as the foundation of your outfit. Mixing textures is particularly effective.

Jackets (and coats) for the Flaboyant Natural

For jackets, you want a longer hem, one that hits around your mid-thigh. Loose, unconstructed jackets are best, and broad padded shoulders (in a relaxed cut) are ideal. You can opt for a soft lapel or no lapel, oversized pockets, or relaxed double-breasted styles as well. For the double-breasted style, it’s recommended to leave these unbuttoned.

Avoid: Symmetrical, tailored jackets, cropped jackets, and “flouncy” jackets.

Your outerwear is really a place for the FN to shine. From wide lapels, oversized fit, and relaxed silhouette coats, you will find a lot of coat options for you. Opt for simple silhouettes that don’t have too much “frill” and don’t have stiff tailoring.

Skirts for the Flamboyant Natural

Straight, longer skirts are best, but opt for ones that don’t have a severe silhouette- we still want soft edges. And since a lot of “boho” style lines work for the flamboyant natural you can also try full skirts that have deep folds or are very wide in shape. These pair nicely with oversized, loose tops.

Details like slits, pockets, kick-pleats, and button details work, but any draping, gathering, or shirring should be kept loose and simple. Because the flamboyant natural has a free spirit style, nothing should be fussy or inhibit mobility.

Hemlines for skirts are on the longer side, but quirky mini skirts can be integrated into the mix. Full skirts can have an uneven hemline or a full-length hemline but should hit (at minimum) the lower calf.

Avoid: Bodycon skirts like pencil skirts, flouncy skirts, or extremely tailored skirts.

Pants for the Flamboyant Natural

For pants, menswear tailored styles that have a slightly wide silhouette and relaxed construction are perfect for you. You want them to be roomy and have fullness to their shape (nothing super tight or fitted). Deep, soft pleats and wide, soft cuffs are great details to look out for. You can even try a satin or silk wide-leg as long as they aren’t overly fussy.

Avoid: Fitted pants, draped pants, tapered leg pants, or anything with sharp tailor lines.

Added* Jeans for the Flamboyant Natural

Now, famously, Kibbe doesn’t delve too much into “casual” clothes for every type. And while the flamboyant natural is all about those loose, unstructured silhouettes he doesn’t specifically mention which jeans a flamboyant natural should wear (call this an oversight due to the 80s fashion trends). However, based on the style lines and shapes for the Flamboyant natural, jeans should follow a similar look.

I recommend bootcut, straight leg, or slightly wide-leg jeans. Avoid anything too tight; even if you love your skinny jeans, you should consider trying* new silhouettes because they might help you highlight your vertical line and limit your “broadness”… I know, I hate that term too..

Don’t go for jeans that are too tight in the hips and waist, there should be some breathing room so they can keep the loose lines of the FN.

You could also try “trouser” style jeans, or loose mom jeans if you really don’t like the straighter silhouettes. As long as they don’t taper dramatically, and are not fitted throughout, they can work for the FN.

Blouses for the Flamboyant Natural

Long, relaxed tops are best. Keep it extremely roomy with simple details and relaxed construction elements. Clean necklines with unrestricted, wide silhouettes are best. And light camisoles are great as layering pieces within your ensemble.

Avoid: Fitted blouses, overly ornate blouses, fussy details, or blouses with stiff or constricting necklines. No ascot ties or high button collars for you.

flamboyant natural blouse example, loose neckline, soft shoulders, soft but not flowy fabric

Sweaters for the Flamboyant Natural

Thick, heavy, or plushy knits are best. But you can also try shaggy or long-haired knits if you want something a little more “cozy”. In terms of cut, you want long, roomy, with a simple, bold shape.

Fine gauge knits should be used sparingly and if so, they should have an oversized shape. Now Kibbe states “all sweaters should have shoulder pads”, and while shoulder pads have had a resurgence lately, I think for 2021 that’s not sound fashion advice. Opt for sweaters that have a strong shoulder line if it doesn’t have padding.

Avoid: Clingy, lightweight knits, cropped sweaters, or overly fluffy knit textures.

woman in field with chunky knit sweater that hits mid thigh with straight skirt, for flamboyant natural style lines

Dresses for the Flamboyant Natural

Sweeping dresses with a bold shape are best for the flamboyant naturals. Broad shoulders with a drop waist or elongated waist are perfect to maintain a soft “T” silhouette.

Glitzy details like shirring, heaving draping, and applique should be generally avoided or used extremely minimally. Bold and abstract patterns can work well for you. You can try narrow, slinky dresses in substantial fabrics or wide and full dresses that are unconstructed.

Avoid: Overly fitted dresses that have crisp details, flouncy dresses, ornate details, and fussy trim.

Evening Wear for the Flamboyant Natural

You can easily incorporate a free-spirit style into your evening wear. Keep the fabrics substantial and you’ll be able to go with a wide range of shapes. Easy necklines, bold prints (see below for exact details), and shoulder emphasis are great details to focus on. Draped jersey works for evening wear but it should have minimal detail OR bold, broad details.

Dropped waists continue to work for your here, as they elongate your vertical line. You can also try a softer style pant ensemble like long jackets with wide-leg soft pants. “Bare” gowns with bold jewelry also work well for your type. And as always, widely cut or unconstructed shapes work well; these can be in jersey, silk, or matte draped fabrics.

Flamboyant Natural Color Palette

The Flamboyant Natural should use colors that are bold and vivid, with rich, vibrant tones to them. Unusual color combinations work for your style and compliment your free spirit essence. You can also integrate rich-hued neutrals into your wardrobe and pair them with some of your favorite lush textures. And don’t be afraid of a few vivid colored accents here and there.

Monochromatic outfits can work for you, but they can also feel a bit dull. If you opt for this style you may want to try a more tonal look with a bright and muted shade of the same color.

Avoid: Splashy colored fabrics, dull or muted colors that fall flat

related: how to color block and use color in your style

Prints for the Flamboyant Natural Style

Abstract geometrics, soft edge prints, and irregular patterns with a bold and vivid style are perfect for you. Sharp edge prints should generally be avoided and replaced with softer edge prints or “blurry” edge prints. It is recommended to opt for high contrast prints as well.

Dramatically vivid (yet soft-edged) prints are your sweet spot. You can try animal prints, tropical prints, and anything that has a boho or earthy vibe to it. Just keep it sophisticated and easy overall.

Avoid: Sharly defined lines in prints, overly delicate or small prints, ornate prints, and watercolor florals that can look overly girly.

Accessories for the Flamboyant Natural Style

accessories for the flamboyant natural- unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, abstract shape jewelry, long scarves, woven tote, wide brim fedora hat, and loose unstructured leather tote
shop these pieces

Accessories are really the place where your “dramatic” undercurrent can shine. Your accessories should be bold, oversized, and exotic. Ethnic, cultural pieces are also a great option and maybe reflect your love of traveling. Shapes should be chunky, irregular, and have soft edges. They should be more natural than glitzy- so instead of costume gems, opt for stones or metals.

Belts: Original, unique belts are best. Wide belts and belts with large buckles are great. Just be sure to watch the style of a buckle and make sure it has a more natural feel to it ( not the rhinestone, filagree buckle, ok?).

Hats: Floppy, bold oversized hats are fantastic for you. And generally avoid men’s style hats, and crisp, structured hats. Although personally, I think the wide-brim straight hats work as well!

Tights: You could opt for fun-colored tights or flesh-toned tights. If you have a flamboyant natural ID but want to veer a bit more classic in style, you could also try a sheer black tight, in my opinion. Keep it fun and casual and you will be set.

Shoes and Boots: Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural shoes and boots examples: lug sole chelsea boot, nude mule (soft toe), white tennis shoe, loafer, square toe ankle boot with block heel, simple strap sandals, soft toe pump, and flip flop heel
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Shoes should have some shape and be somewhat angular, but not to the extreme. Instead of pointy stilettos, opt for a “soft-point” block heel instead. Flats can be clean, simple, have menswear tailoring, or even have a quirky style.

Boots work well for your free-spirit chic essence- just make sure they aren’t overly dressy ( avoid those stiletto pointy ankle boots). Sandals are best with very minimal details, simple or bare straps.

Avoid Stiletto pumps, delicate or strappy shoes, shoes with a lot of glitz or trim, and anything overly feminine in style.

Remember these are just guidelines so if you find you deviate from these recommendations, it is ok. It can be a reflection of the times trends, and it can be a personal style preference.

Jewelry for the Flamboyant Natural

The jewelry you choose is really the “piece de resistance” to your look. It adds that “flamboyant” touch to your natural side. It’s your way to elevate your creative style and exude some sophistication. Chunky, asymmetrical shapes are great. Elevated, bold pieces or “wearable art” earrings or necklaces are great.

Choosing pieces handmade by real artists, or one-of-a-kind pieces are the perfect touch.

Chunky, irregular shapes of metal are great for impact and a bit of natural “bling”.

You should generally avoid antique jewelry, ornate and intricate pieces, and sharp geometric lines. Small, dainty pieces or minimal “no jewelry” should also be avoided.

STYLING TIP: So it is possible that you may be a flamboyant natural but reject the bohemian or “Free spirit” style that Kibbe suggests. And you can still learn to take these style guidelines and apply them to a more classic or different core style essence.

If you don’t like the look of booth loosely unconstructed pieces on both the top and bottom you can try alternating them. You could do a loose top with slightly structured (still soft edges) bottoms, or vice-versa. Depending on your unique features, you’ll have to explore these options once you get a hang of your wardrobe’s best style lines.

Makeup for the Flamboyant Natural

flamboyant natural makeup examples: one with red lip and defined cheek, a bold eye in a brown neutral that is not overly glam, and a full face makeup with smoky brown eye, lip, and a defined/contoured cheek

Your makeup, just like your jewelry, can add the sophistication and elevated style the flamboyant natural needs for balance. Here are some makeup guidelines that should help you:

  • Emphasize/contour your strong features: strong lips, strong eyes, or strong cheekbones. For daytime, I recommend choosing one focal point.
  • Exotic eye makeup works for your face, but avoid colors that are neon, sparkly, or too glitzy.
  • No-makeup makeup is often to subtle for you. If you like this approach I recomend adding one focal feature to add a bit of oomph to your look.
  • You have strong bone structure, so cheekbone emphasis is often a great technique to try.
  • Deep or bright lipstick works well
  • Sheer, glossy lips also work well
  • Strong eyeshadows in dramatic shades, or mid-hue color ranges work best. Avoid artifical looking colors, overly bright shades, or pastels
  • Avoid neutral eyeshadows or lip shades as they can wash you out. In my opinion he means “nude” colors or colors that are too close to your skin color. I think neutral browns shades that have some contrast to your skin work well for the FN.
  • Kibbe doesn’t mention this, but I would say be mindful of any eyeliners. Liquid eyeliner will appear too dainty or fussy for you, and a smoky eyeliner can add a bit too much linear emphasis on your eyes (since FN’s can have stragiht shaped eyes). Opt for a shadow option instead

Hair for the Flamboyant Natural

examples of flamboyant natural hairstyles and cuts. the "lion's mane" on cindy crawford, Jane birken's fringe, layered hair cuts loose waves, easy-going cuts

Now, hair types and styles can be hard to apply to every type of flamboyant natural out there. So just use this as a guideline and something to build off of and apply to your unique tresses.

  • Loose, relaxed
  • Layers, helps to give that “tousled” effect
  • Face framing layers can help give look, especially if you have finer hair
  • Wolf cuts or Lions mane haircuts work for you, espeically if you have some body to your hair
  • You can have some linear outlines to your hairstyle but the layers help add a softness and relaxed feel to it.
  • If you have very straight hair with no “body” a shorter cut might be advisable
  • Tousled AND sophisticated


  • Sharp outlines or geometric cuts
  • Blunt cuts with no layering
  • Severe edges
  • Overly polished hairstyles
  • Fussy hairstyles
  • Perms

Flamboyant Natural Haircolors

Ok, so take these suggestions as a general guideline, a lot has changed in hair color techniques and trends since the 80s. I think the general advice still rings true for the FN, but this is where an experienced hairstylist might be able to help.

FN’s should have:

  • Vibrant, rich hues
  • If dying your hair, keep it close to the natural shade.
  • Streaks/highlights (lets call this modern day bayalage) can give you that natural, sun kissed glow.
  • Kibbe recommends if you are bold, you could try bold, dramatic streaks for a lynx cat look. I would not use this a general recommendation for every FN, so please heavily consider this one prior to trying it out.


  • Artifical shades like platinum, blue-black, or fiery red. Anthing that looks unnatural to you.
  • Over lightening or highlighting your hair
  • I’m adding in extensions that look “fussy” or “high maintenance”. If you opt for extensions, use them to add a little volume, not to become Ariana Grande.

Flamboyant Natural Outfit Ideas

Remember that these are just style guidelines, and body type references. While I think it can be incredibly helpful to understand your body shape and your Kibbe type to help you understand why certain outfits do or don’t work on you, it is also just a foundation.

Here are some flamboyant natural outfit ideas that I’ve created that don’t go strictly “hippie” or “boho”. They follow the majority of the style lines and nod towards the “Free Spirit Chic” but have a modern sensibility to them.

Remember when I said you could keep your style lines but not lean into the “free-spirit chic” as much? Well, this is a great example of that concept. This outfit has soft edges ( the coat, scarf, and blouse), has straight-leg jeans (that fit the loose pant guidelines), and a nude (soft point) shoe that ideally won’t draw any attention since it’s neutral. The shoe also has an asymmetrical line that helps balance out that slightly pointed toe.

This FN outfit is long, unconstructed, casual, but also doesn’t lean into the hippie look. The unique earrings also help it feel more FN.

Again, if you are reading this you are probably looking for “everyday” outfits you can wear as a flamboyant natural, that don’t feel too “costumey” or “80’s-inspired.

This outfit has the “free-spirit” aesthetic in a modern and sophisticated way. The broad brim hat and the unique earrings fit the FN guidelines perfectly. The sweater has weight to it, and it’s mid-thigh, while the jeans have a straight, loose fit.

Ok, this one strays outside the free-spirit chic and veers closer to the soft dramatic “concept”, but I also think this works for Flamboyant naturals who want to have a glamorous vibe. But, something to take away from this is that clothes DO NOT have specific ID’s and it is more about the head-to-toe look than any individual pieces.

This dress is asymmetrical, draped, and shows off your shoulder line. While the fabric is a little daintier than the traditional FN, I think it works for a more formal event. The nude heels have asymmetrical lines and would ideally become invisible since they are nude. This way you can get a glamorous heel, without breaking up your vertical line.

The makeup is exactly what a flamboyant natural should do- bold lip, defined cheekbones, and some eye emphasis.

And the coat has soft lines, a longer hem, and a wide lapel- which all coincide with the FN guidelines. But maybe veers away from the “free-spirit” vibe.

Wide-leg soft jeans with a blurred edge, high-contrast print? Perfect for the FN. Add in an oversized coat and staple flamboyant natural accessories, you have a winning outfit. And it doesn’t feel too “boho”.

Kibbe mentions that for the flamboyant natural, the fabric weight is really important. And while slinky dresses aren’t an overwhelming silhouette for the FN, they work well in a knit fabric like the one above. That paired with some cool boots, and a soft oversized coat is a perfect fall ensemble.

So, this breaks some of the FN guidelines, but I do think it gives the general flamboyant natural aesthetic.

Now, if you remember the FN celebrities, there are lots of different ways people can hold their weight and varying degrees of “broadness” and verticality. This outfit, while it does break up your vertical line with a half-tucked tee and the seaming on the skirt, it also exudes “free-spirit chic” in a modern way.

The boots, bag, and jewelry all work well based on Kibbe’s guidelines. And I think as long as you have a long vertical line, the padded shoulder in the tee will help you highlight the soft “t-silhouette”.

But, as always, this outfit may or may not work for your specific proportions.

Want a city-style outfit that still follows the FN lines? Here you go.

I love this outfit for a casual weekend outing or a business casual workday. The accessories give you that “free-spirit chic” vibe and the main outfit components follow the recommended style lines, but it doesn’t read overly boho or casual.

Shop the Flamboyant Natural Pieces

If you don’t see a piece, it’s because it’s sold out. I try to replace it with similar FN-approved items.

Wow, that was a lot of information to digest.

The key points are: keep it soft, but not too subtle or neat, and don’t be afraid to add in some dramatic flair for a little bit more edge. When shopping, be sure to try on clothes that have roomy shapes with loose fits and soft edges.

Think about the name of your ID; flamboyant natural. So keep the base of your look natural, soft, and loose, but don’t forget to add those flamboyant, dramatic touches. It’s like you’re a fancy, free spirit!

You can add in some funky colors or fabrics when you feel like it.

As always, experiment and see what works for you and how your unique style comes out!

This guide should not box in your style but show you some baseline options that will always work for you. From there you can expand upon it, and integrate any style essence or style preference that works for you.

Now, go be the most sophisticated free-spirit out there!

Calling all my FN’s- save the below pin for reference

flamboyant natural style guide

Ingrid Cain

Thursday 7th of April 2022

Thank you so much Gabriella! Your outfits for FNs are perfect for me! This will make my life so much easier. So grateful!

Lynnel Ruth Olson

Friday 4th of March 2022

Thank you!


Monday 14th of February 2022

This is so helpful and inspiring! I'm excited to try and create some FN type outfits now. Thank you for this comprehensive guide, Gabrielle!

Gabrielle Arruda

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

You are so welcome! Kibbe style is all about the head-to-toe look so don't feel constrained by just these ideas. But these are a good place to start getting an understanding of your lines. I have a youtube video all about head-to-toe looks once you want to expand past some of these ideas!