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85+ Free Gorgeous Christmas Wallpaper Background for iPhone

85+ Free Gorgeous Christmas Wallpaper Background for iPhone

It’s the holiday season! December is upon us, and the hot cocoa is out, the Christmas music is blaring (and has been for a while if you’re anything like me), and you’re ready to mark the start of the season.

What better way to do that than with a cute Christmas or holiday-themed wallpaper for your phone?

Switching out your iPhone wallpaper is an easy way to be reminded of this joyous season and to keep a positive and healthy holiday mindset.

I have over 85 Christmas, holiday, and December-themed wallpapers for you below, and they are all free to download.

They vary in style from December aesthetic wallpapers, nature backgrounds, holiday collages, and illustrations. So if you don’t see one that catches your fancy right away, keep on scrolling!

I encourage you to pin the images you like to your Pinterest board as well, so if you’re in the mood to switch out your wallpaper, you can find this resource easily!

How to Download: December & Christmas Wallpapers

These wallpapers were made with the iPhone in mind, but they will work with most brands of phones (android and pixel, etc). They are not really made for your desktop wallpapers, as they are vertical images (not horizontal).

So how do you download them?

If you are on your phone, scrolling, click and hold the image you want to download. A screen will pop up and an option that says “add to photos” will appear.

"add to photos" screen explanation so you can download wallpapers onto your iphone

Once you click that you will be able to access the photo in your photo album. Here’s a quick video on how to set it as your wallpaper.

You can set different photos or the same photo for your lock screen and for your home screen.

Your home screen is the image behind all of your apps- so I prefer a more minimal photo in this place, so it doesn’t distract from daily tasks.

However, for the lock screen, I love to have a bright, fun image or collage to keep the holiday spirit high.

If you are on a desktop computer, you will want to right-click on an image and click “save image as” and then click Save. Take note of where the image is being saved to (in my example below it is being saved to my desktop). From there you can airdrop or email the image to your phone.

how to save these wallpapers using a desktop computer, right click on image, look for "save image as"
be sure to note where the image is being saved to when you are ready to click "save"

The above video walks you through how to actually set the image to your lock screen/home screen background.

Free Christmas Wallpapers (for iphone)

x-mas is here, 12 photo grid with images of candy canes, lights, ornaments, gingerbread cookies, with tan background. christmas wallpaper for iphone

I love a great, elevated collage announcing that Christmas is here! Perfect for the sophisticated person who wants to be festive, but not cheesy.

red background Christmas wallpaper with an icon of house and heart with text "x-mas, collect memories, not things".

Here’s a heartfelt Christmas wallpaper to remind you to collect memories and not things. It’s a simple design that will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

black door with holiday wreath hanging, wreath has cinnamon, star, pinecone decorations. simple christmas wallpaper background for iphone

An elegant nod to the holidays, without being too much. This wreath photo screams elevated, classic Christmas background.

image frame with tan background and rounded edge photo of snow on evergreen tree with text "i'm dreaming of a white christmas"

Where are my snow-lovers at? Or Bing Crosby lovers? This simple, minimalist December wallpaper is a great option.

we wish you a merry Christmas text in the shape of a christmas tree, christmas wallpaper for iphone
black and white line drawing of christmas tree with green watercolor splotch behind it. "merry christmas" text for christmas wallpaper background iphone

Want a minimalist, yet artistic, Christmas wallpaper background? Then this one is for you.

three christmas images stacked vertically. ornaments on tree, mini car ornamnet with tree on top of it, and gingerbread cookie display, wallpaper for iphone

This iPhone wallpaper screams all the joys of the holiday, from cookies to tree decorating. It’s simple enough to give the holiday feel without being too loud.

black background with gold stars, three images stacked vertically with "masking tape" holding them. wrapped gifts, gingerbread house, and ornaments on tree. christmas wallpaper for iphone

Christmas aesthetic wallpaper with a more retro collage vibe. Want a darker image for your lock screen, this wallpaper is a great option.

glittery white snow with sparkles wallpaper for iphone

Not into text or red/green images? This sparkly snow background will be the glamorous background you’ve been scrolling for.

dark background with two gold, sparkly ornaments, Christmas wallpaper for phone

Dark and simple with the glow of the holidays? These golden ornaments check all the boxes.

image looking at snow falling out of window with blurry forest in background. december aesthetic wallpaper for phone

Here’s a simple December wallpaper for any snow-obsessed individuals. The soft focus and falling snow make it a perfect home screen image.

black and white illustration of snow falling with snowflakes in the corner, december wallpaper for phone

Snowflakes, and flurries in a high-contrast image, perfect for the holiday aesthetic without the red/green vibe. Makes you feel like you’re in an actual snowstorm (but without the panic).

snowy forest and evergreeen natural wallpaper for phone

Want a nature scene that gives December, snow vibes? This majestic snow-covered forest full of evergreens is a perfect wallpaper option.

snow on ground looking up at tree with fresh snow, forest view, december wallpaper for iphone

Here’s another for my nature lovers. This light and bright forest image of fresh snow, screams December, without being about any one denominational holiday.

red cottage on snowy hill, on-mountain with forest behind it. december wallpaper for iphone

Cozy, cabin vibes for the win. This cute red cottage, covered in snow, is not only the perfect December wallpaper background, it’s sure to inspire a weekend getaway as well.

cute Scandinavian collage wallpaper- red cottage in snowy forest taped to a piece of brown paper and a scrap of book text on white grid background

Love the cottage image above, but want a bit more of a vintage collage wallpaper? Well, I’ve got you covered.

cute vector snowman on red background with snow flakes

Cute, snowman illustrated wallpaper for your iphone. Non-denominational and the kiddos in your life will love it.

minimalist image of wreath (natural branches) on white background, iphone holiday wallpaper

We love a good, simple holiday moment. And this natural, minimalist wreath photo is a perfect background if you want a nod to the holidays without being too glitzy.

gifts under christmas tree polaroid on white paper background, star stickers in corner with text "merry christmas"
off white background with red ribbon in gift bow to look like a present. holiday wallpaper for iphone

Want a holiday wallpaper background that doesn’t denote a specific religious holiday? This cream and red bow will give your all the holiday vibes, without any religious specificity.

cute illustration of reindeer in sky pulling a sleigh  with forest and snow at the bottom. christmas holiday wallpaper cute

Cute and kid-friendly? This reindeer and sleigh illustration is a fun and cute wallpaper background.

reindeer illustration on light gray background, cute holiday wallpaper for phone
red plaid fabric with red bow in corner, holiday wallpaper for phone

Doesn’t plaid just scream December coziness? This red plaid wallpaper will give you the holiday aesthetic in one click.

collage with red and green squares and images of red mug with cocoa under tree, and tree with red bows and ornaments, red and green christmas wallpaper for phone

For my red and green lovers, here’s an aesthetic Christmas wallpaper for you.

bubblegum pink background with snowflakes and candy canes, cute holiday wallpaper

Pink with candy canes: a perfect mix to keep your girly aesthetic but with a cute holiday tone.

white linen blanket with bowl of pinecones, natural elements, minimalist holiday wallpaper for iphone
image of holiday plants with a "reminder-style" block that says "your children need your presence more than your presents". sweet iphone wallpaper background for holiday mindset

Sometimes the holidays can be overwhelming. This aesthetic reminder is the perfect alert to keep you grounded. “Reminder: your children need your presence more than your presents”.

white film frames with four images of snowy forests, december collection, december iphone wallpaper background

The December collection film prints of forests, trees, and snow. An aesthetic, nature wallpaper.

the NYC Christmas tree, view from under arch, holiday wallpaper background phone

The NYC Christmas tree is iconic and a perfect option for your iPhone wallpaper, if you want something that denotes the holidays, without being overly cheesy.

aesthetic version of the nyc christmas tree under arch with tan and white background frames
wood grain with evergreen sprigs and mistletoe across the middle. natural, simple holiday wallpaper background

The woodgrain, evergreen sprigs, and red berries create an easy-going holiday mood and create a perfect background for your home screen or a simple wallpaper for your lock screen.

white christmas holiday collage, background white grid with polaroid of gingerbread house, scrap of image of gifts wrapped, and another polaroid of gift wrapping supplies, chic aesthetic holiday wallpaper for phone

I love old-school photo collages, and this one looks like a sophisticated photo collage from your teen corkboard. Except with white, Scandinavian vibes instead of your celebrity crush.

minimalist holiday background, leaves and berries with large amount of space between them and light gray textured background

Minimalist berries and holiday leaves wallpaper print, to create a simple background for your iPhone.

minimalist light holiday background with a couple evergreen sprigs on the bottom of image with start of anise near
butcher paper background with santa hat illustration with text "merry christmas"

Want a nod to Santa, but nothing overwhelming? This Santa hat wallpaper is the perfect option.

tan background with lower left illustration of mistletoe and holiday flowers with script text "merry christmas" wallpaper
diagonally split background with glitter red side and dark green side with a polaroid of slightly out of focus christmas tree in center with stars around it, and text "merry christmas"
light tan paper background with photo frame of hot chocolate  and another background image of white paper gifts wrapped with text "merry christmas" wallpaper background for iphone
off white background with gold glitter sprinkled at the bottom and "merry christmas" at top, simple christmas iphone background
off-center 6 grid photo collage (simple)- image of santa playing ukelele, hot chocolate, gift wrap supplies, ornament close up, gingerbread house and cookies wallpaper
retro tv screen film (three images)- image of wreath, gold ornaments on tree, and brown paper wrapped gift on sweater, with script "merry christmas" in middle) wallpaper background

A retro Christmas aesthetic collage to keep your vintage style intact.

light aesthetic holiday wallpaper, merry christmas text in typewriter font and two film frames with gifts wrapped and  holiday cookie images
light pink background with light green evergreen sprigs and a pinecone with the text "love, joy, peace" on scraps of paper, december holiday wallpaper background
pink background with two candy canes making the shape of a heart and the word "love" in script font in center. holiday wallpaper background

The holidays are all about love remember? These candy cane hearts on a pink background is a great reminder to keep love a priority this holiday season.

simple white background with different small hand-drawn Christmas trees in offset pattern
dark background with large lit-up christmas tree (white lights) for phone wallpaper

Lit up Christmas tree photo. Simple and to the point.

pink background with all caps font "let it snow" background
light tan background with blue and red holiday flowers and leaf shapes on top and bottom (vector/illustration) with script font "let it snow" in center background
holiday flatlay with red plaid fabric, cand canes, and ornaments with a post it in center with the words "joy" on it, christmas holiday wallpaper background iphone
holiday table with a focus on a white mug of hot coco with marshmellows.
simple three image collage on tan background, vintage photo feel christmas backround - holiday table, cookies on plate, and gift wrapping supplies
blue background with white illustrated branches at top and bottom with large white letters "ho ho ho" in center, holiday wallpaper background
red background with bear in santa hate with text "have a bear-y merry christmas" illustrated image
peach background with holiday flat lay elements confetti, dried oranges, evergreen sprigs, and a piece of paper in center with "happy holidays" on it
light muted green background with illustrated fox with present in hands and "happy holidays" text

This “Happy Holidays” fox wallpaper is a great non-denominational wallpaper for your iphone.

black and white two image collage with "happy holidays" at top. image of stockings on mantle and arched image with two cups of hot cocoa
dark green background with three image frames- gingerbread cookies on plate, evergreen in snowy forest, and a wreath on wooden door. with december 2021 tex at bottom of image
blurry gold lights background with two images- two hot cocoa cups in front of fire and gold ornaments on tree - christmas wallpaper background for phone
darker close up image of gold ornaments and pinecones on christmas tree- simple christmas background for phone
white background image with gold polka dots at top fading down, with black and white illustrated forest at bottom - december holiday wallpaper for phone
simple holiday wallpaper background, gingerbread cookies (star shaped) with icing and a gingerbread cookie man at top with sprigs of evergreen on side
flatlay image of evergreen sprigs, candy canes, a candle, and a bowl of gingerbread cookies- soft, warm colors, holiday christmas phone background
off white background with four photo black film frame in center- images of natural wreath, forest with snow on trees, simple christmas tree, and hot cocoa on table with marshmellows, background for iphone
white and black grid background with dark photo with mistletoe and evergreen springs and "merry Christmas and happy new year" text- christmas wallpaper for iphone
dark green background with vertical white frame in center with an image of snowy forest and hills, with text "december" at bottom in typewriter font. 
december wallpaper for iphone
cute illustrated christmas wallpaper with illustrated snowman, snowflakes, and santa in a chimney with the text "december" in the center of image
holiday love wallpaper for iphone- light gray background with three black film frames with images- b&w hands holding, gifts wrapped in white wrapping paper and a sprig of misteletoe
image of cozy socks at top, and an image of hot cocoa at bottom with a "scrap of paper" in the center of iamge with "december 2021" text. light background for phone

This December 2021, light and bright wallpaper will be a great option to get into the holiday spirit without referencing a specific religious holiday.

gray textured background with different holiday plants around the edges creating a frame. in the center "december 2021" text in script font.  holiday background for iphone
light tan background with 8 square frames of holiday images. images of pine cones in bowl, holiday dried fruit, snow falling, hot cocoa, christmas tree with star, gingerbread cookies, wreath on door, and snowy forest.  December 2021 at bottom.  christmas wallpaper for phone

Need a reminder that it’s literally December and you need to get your holiday shopping done? This December 2021 wallpaper background will be the aesthetic background you need.

december 25th text at top, with gold border on one side and an image of gold ornaments on a tree. christmas wallpaper background for phone
dark background with evergreen sprigs and red berries at bottom of image. dark holiday wallpaper background

Want a dark background, but to still get into the holiday spirit? These red berries and green evergreen branches will be the perfect iphone background.

cute pink christmas holiday wallpaper for iphone. pink background with scrap of grid paper and scrap of white paper behind image of two candy canes in heart shape- with some doodles over it

Cute aesthetic Christmas collage? Check.

metallic red paper with folds in it, holiday wallpaper background for phone

Glitzy, red, yet simple. This red metallic wallpaper is a great choice for an iPhone background.

minimalist Scandinavian holiday wallpaper background.  gray textured background with simple dried fruits and sprigs of evergreen and holiday plants.

Calling all my chefs or minimalists. This dried fruit and holiday greenery wallpaper is the perfect minimalist touch to your iPhone.

two images diagonally cut, top image of dried oranges with green plants around, and bottom image of hot cocoa and white berries and twigs.  Light-colored backgrounds, bright images.  holiday wallpaper background

Do you have a light and bright aesthetic? This light holiday wallpaper gives us “holiday traditions” without the red/green theme.

photo of Christmas stockings hanging on mantle at golden hour light - christmas wallpaper iphone

Aesthetic and cozy, this stockings on a mantle photo is a great iPhone background without being over the top.

green background with off set images (4)- images of mistletoe with blurry lights in the background, Christmas tree , ornaments, and candy canes forming a heart. collage Christmas wallpaper background

A festive red and green image collage for your iPhone is a great choice. Candy canes, ornaments, and Christmas trees are sure to get you into the holiday spirit every time you get a text!

vintage style collage of christmas pictures- in white film frames- image of evergreens with lights, hot cocoa, snow falling, golden christmas lights, and wood in a tin bucket, with "christmas" and "what a wonderful time of the year" text.  Feels like an old vintage paper collage.

If the other photo collages weren’t your style, maybe this retro Christmas collage wallpaper will strike a chord for you.

brown butcher paper with scraps of lined paper and a taped image of a wooden door with holiday wreath on it. text "merry christmas".  vintage christmas holiday wallpaper background for iphone
black and gold holiday pattern vector illustrated- houses, evergreen trees, reindeer, and stars
vintage book type frame with blac and white forest image with cottage with snow. vintage december aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

Looking for a retro holiday wallpaper for your iphone? This snowy cottage collage is the one.

silver foil background with black vector snowflakes falling from  top of image and a cityscape of black vector buildings at bottom. december wallpaper for phone
black background with four film frame (off center/tilted) with 4 black and white images- ornaments on tree, holiday village street, lit up christmas tree, and lights and ornaments on tree close up. dark classic christmas wallpaper for iphone

A classic Christmas collage is a great choice, especially in black and white.

light textured background with polaroid in center, couple outline kissing, with typewriter text "all i want for christmas is you." love christmas wallpaper background iphone

Is this Christmas season all about love for you? Or maybe you’re just a Mariah Carey fan. Either way, this “all I want for Christmas is you” holiday wallpaper background is a great choice.

As you can see there is a VARIETY of Christmas and December backgrounds for iphone. Having any trouble downloading them? Leave a comment below and I’m happy to assist, if possible.

Any wallpapers you want to see in the coming months? Leave them in the comments below.

To a snowy December, and a very happy holiday!

Pin the below image so you have all of these gorgeous Christmas wallpapers at your fingertips!

85+ free christmas and december iphone wallpapers