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Daily Skincare Routine Steps: Glowing Skin is Attainable

Daily Skincare Routine Steps: Glowing Skin is Attainable


Confused on how to get glowing skin and how to craft a daily skincare routine with steps that you will stick with? Look no further!

Let’s be honest, most of our mothers never taught us a proper skincare routine. And, if we were lucky enough to have a forward-thinking beauty expert as a parental figure, well boy has the skincare world changed a lot.

So, if you need a refresher or just a simple guide of what you need to do to keep your skin glowing and healthy, I’ve got you covered.

skincare routine steps

Why should I even attempt a skincare routine? I can NEVER stay consistent

First off, let me tell you- skincare is the foundation for all things beauty.  If you don’t take care of your skin I don’t care how proficient you are at makeup or contouring your look will not be very successful.

I get that it can be hard to dedicate time to a skincare routine. I used to just think, well a little concealer can cover that up and I’ll be fine. 

Well, that mindset is a huge issue.  Instead of learning how to improve and change our situation, we often look for the fastest, easiest answer, and not only does that not help us reach our goals, it is also not the most effective answer.  [ check out my musings section for posts on mindset and growth]

So- while this is the easiest skincare regimen out there, it still takes about 5-6 minutes of your day. And you have to commit to doing it, in order to see results.

Take it from me, I’ve been working on my skin for the past two-three months and I’m already comfortable going out with no makeup. This was a goal of mine, and if you’re curious about hat journey – check out this POST.

Disclaimer: talk to your dermatologist if you have any topical skin products or medications that interact with your skin, as to what step they should be integrated into.

skincare routine steps

Let’s get started: Easy Skincare Routine 

First off, I am a big believer in the double cleanse approach. The double cleanse approach is like a pre-cleaning followed by an actual cleaning. I know you’re thinking, hey I thought this was supposed to be simple… BUT! This is the most effective way to properly clean your face and this one “added” step will make a big difference.

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1. Micellar Water:

This is your pre-cleanse step.  Take a cotton pad (ideally the reusable kind) and wipe down your face.  If you need to take off eye makeup use a specific makeup remover for that). But, the micellar water will gently and efficiently remove any dirt, makeup, or whatever from your skin.  Micellar water is amazing and much less harsh than witch hazel. 

Micellar water is a very mild surfactant that removes all that junk gently and effectively. It has no alcohol in it, and it basically attracts dirt molecules and collects them. This is good for acne-prone skin, especially. I have very sensitive skin, and it is my go-to first step. And if you want to know all the science behind micellar water, click here. 

2. Cleanser

Now, you have most of the gunk off your face, but you actually need to wash it now. So, if you haven’t already pull your hair back and get your faucet to warm water.

There is a lot of debate on whether wash clothes help or hurt.  In my opinion, it depends on your skin.  Usually, they irritate your skin more than they help. And if you are consistently doing this skincare routine, AND occasionally exfoliating, then you should not need the washcloth.

So my technique is gently wet face with warm/lukewarm water. Next, begin to apply a small pea-size amount of cleanser on your fingers and gently massage every part of your face and neck. 

Next, cup water in your hands and splash your face a minimum of 10 tens. Marilyn Monroe used to 30, but we are shooting for an easy process that works. So, ten splashes it is.

Now, the cleanser you choose depends completely on the type of skin you have.  If you are unsure of your skin type, check with a dermatologist OR you can generally find it out by taking this skin quiz.

for oily skin: A cleanser with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide seem to be favored by dermatologists for oily skin. However, it is crucial that you follow that up with the correct moisturizers so that you don’t dry your skin out too much.

for sensitive skin: You want to go for a cream cleanser that is unscented for sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look for as it attracts water to the skin.

for combo skin: A mild cleanser that does not have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Gel cleansers work well and you should avoid the oil or alcohol options.

The drugstore option I love for my skin, which is sensitive and prone to breaking out is this one. 

3. Serum

People often get confused with what a serum even is and why they need it in their “easy” beauty routine.  Well, it is like supercharging your face with vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. It is not a moisturizer per se, because it does not create a barrier on the top of the skin like face creams do, but it does deliver a ton of moisture and concentrated ingredients directly to your skin.

Serums are often water-based, and again we are trying to deliver AS MUCH moisture as we can to our skin. That is how we get that gorgeous glow.

SO- take your serum. I like skin inc’s brand of serum because they specially formulate it based on your skin needs AND they encapsulate their ingredients so they are not activated until they touch your skin. [How LED light therapy gave my skin new life, + 60 day results]

TIP: Why are the encapsulated ingredients (those little floating dots) important? Well, think about it this way.  Imagine you peel an orange and decide to eat a slice that day, well it tastes great… Then you leave it uncovered on the shelf and continue to take a bite of it every day for the next 30 days.  The orange would not be delivering the nutrients you need and it could even become unhealthy for you.  Well, the encapsulated ingredients allow you to keep all those juicy ingredients fresh and they are only activated when massaged INTO your skin.

So, take a small amount of serum and pat it around your face. Let it dry- this should take about 30 seconds to a minute.  Repeat 1-2 more times.  If you are in a rush, one round of serum will suffice. But I recommend between 2 and 3 rounds.  (see video above for my exact technique that will change how you apply serum!)

4. Eye Cream

Ok, this may not be a popular opinion- but I believe this one is on an as-needed basis. Not everyone, at every age, will need an eye cream.  And while I believe in preventative skincare routines, I also believe in optimizing a  routine so that you are more likely to repeat it and be consistent with it.

Because if you do a massive skincare routine 3 times a month that will never surpass the results of a consistent, efficient routine every day.

So- if you have eye wrinkles or struggle with your under-eyes looking less than ideal add a bit of eye cream under your eye.

If you get enough sleep and don’t seem to have visible wrinkles, skip this step. Also, a great way to avoid needing this is to use a face sunscreen daily!.

5. Moisturizer

Ok, no matter who you are, or what skin type you have- you need to be using a moisturizer.

Many people believe you should apply your moisturizer when your skin is still slightly damp from your serum. If you did three rounds of serums, you are good to go. If not and your skin has dried out between steps, simply apply a touch more serum before you pat on your moisturizer.

the method of patting moisturizer and other products on is to evenly and effectively allow your skin to absorb them. Patting, instead of wiping, ensure more even distribution and less waste. It also boosts circulation and gets the blood moving- which is good for your skincare routine. See the video for my technique. It is not complicated, but it is a gentle, even pat everywhere you want the product to go.

Sometimes when the weather warms up I switch to a face oil in addition or in place of the moisturizer.  I find it penetrates my skin better when there is more moisture in the air.  This is my favorite face oil:

Moisturizers act as a barrier and they are meant to hold in all that goodness you just applied to your skin. 

IF you need help to remember this order, just remember the lightest products to the heaviest.

Everyone’s skin is different and it is important to recognize not only does your skin change as you age, the products that work for one person may not work for you.

The best way is to try to identify your core problems and slowly and consistently try solving them with a daily skincare routine that you can and will maintain.

That being said, here are the specific products I use and have found particularly helpful for my skin (which is sensitive but prone to hormonal acne).

skincare daily routine steps


I know that a daily skincare routine can sometimes be confusing. But hopefully, this will give you a foundation that you can tweak to your skins’ needs and accomplish a consistent routine.

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