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How LED Light Therapy Became My Go-To at Home Skincare: My 60 day experience

How LED Light Therapy Became My Go-To at Home Skincare: My 60 day experience

Light therapy for skin is a huge trend right now. If you’ve spent any significant amount of time on Instagram or social media, you are bound to have come across the #nomakeup #nofilter posts boasting the benefits of light therapy.

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There are also those light therapy Hannibal Lector masks floating around there.




So, I was curious to see what the alternative was to the $200- $500 price tag associated with a lot of these treatments from an aesthetician.

And luckily, I found the Skin Inc Tri-Light, which was a brand I already trusted and found incredibly helpful for my own skin.

Skin inc is a brand that believes in customizable skincare.  Their serums are blended with exact products that will hydrate and nourish your specific skin problems. Take their skin quiz here to see what type of serum mix is best for you. 

My serum from them works incredibly well, and my favorite hydrating mask is also from them. I swear by this hydrating mask, it helps so much AND you can leave it on overnight. 



So, when I saw they offered a light therapy option for at-home use, I jumped at the chance to try it.



But, first, what is led light therapy for skin, anyway?

light therapy for skin

**As always, check with your dermatologist to see if led light therapy would be a recommended addition to your skincare regimen.

LED light therapy consists of light-emitting diodes that use varying wavelengths to treat a variety of skin conditions including acne, inflammation, and signs of aging.

It is also one of the most successful ways, in my experience, to get your skin to have “that glow”.  Which, let’s be honest- we ALL want. [ Easy Skincare Routine ]

What types of skin does it work for?

Now, results (like with everything) are not guaranteed but it is safe for all skin types and all skin colors.

Should I go to a spa or do it at home?

So, this is a personal choice and a budget choice. 

The cheapest per session cost I found was about $85.  And they recommend you go at least 10 times to really see results.

I decided to purchase the Skin in Tri-Light because it seemed more cost-effective and was something I could do daily.

Now, at-home products are usually less powerful frequencies, so it may take longer to see results.  But, because you can do it daily, I found it a better alternative.

The middle ground (if you struggle to make decisions, like me) would be to book one or two sessions at a spa and see if you react well to the treatment and start to see any results. And, then if you like it, invest in an at-home product.

How does led light therapy work?

LED therapy’s biggest claim to fame based on multiple scientific research is to increase collagen and tissue healing.  Which can help the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and acne scars/spots.

Now, specifically with the Tri LIght and other at-home LED therapy treatments there are different colors of light and they do different things.

led light therapy for skin

Red Light: helps with a more youthful appearance. It also helps reduce the look of fine lines and is the “deepest” LED wavelengths.

Blue Light: Especially good for acne.  It helps kill bacteria on your skin’s surface and can prevent acne breakouts as well as treat formed acne on the skin’s surface.

Yellow light: Helps revive dull skin, and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Purple Light (combo effect): Combo of red and blue light

Orange Light (combo effect): Combo of red and yellow light.

How do I use light therapy for my skin?

First, make sure you are makeup free and skin is clean. (click here for the video to see my actual process using the skin inc tri-light). 

Next, you apply a serum or a hydrating, water-based mask.  You want your skin to be supple and almost “wet”. 

Then you use your Skin Inc tri-light for 10 minutes a day in counterclockwise motions around your face/neck.  Avoid getting too close to your eyes.

You can use a single light for 10 minutes or use multiple lights in one “session”.  If you use a single light, the device will turn off after 10 minutes automatically.  If you alternate between multiple lights then you should set a timer on your phone.

You can use it up to twice a day.  But, personally, I found once a day sufficient to see results.

It’s easy to use and I often use it while listening to music or a podcast. So yay, for multitasking.

Is it damaging to your skin? Or do you get tan?

Nope, there are no UV rays with this device or general LED light therapy- so you will not damage your skin or get tan. 

So unless you are on medication or have any conditions that create a  sensitivity to light, there are generally no complications. But, again, talk to your dermatologist or doctor for specific instructions on whether or not LED light therapy would be beneficial.

Will LED light therapy for my skin really work?

Ok, I’m not saying this is a product that will in a single night change your skin from crap to flawless. But, let’s be honest no skincare product actually does this.

It is about creating a skin regimen that you can maintain and adding treatments (like LED light therapy) that will give your skin that extra boost you need. And help you age more gracefully.

I say age in experience, and not in appearance.

So- my takeaway is very positive. Since implementing this skincare routine and using LED light therapy I have successfully managed to be a makeup-free person.

I’m not saying I never wear makeup, but most days I go out, I can opt-out of it I want because my skin has improved so much.

Now, it took a few months and required me to put the time in.

I also find it a lifesaver when I’m traveling.  Air cabin pressure is rough on your skin and traveling, in general, induces stress and usually some breaking out.  The Skin Inc Tri-Light is small enough to travel with and easy to use anywhere.

Who is this device not for?

Ok, not every product will be right for everyone.  If you are on any medications or have any conditions that make you sensitive to light, skip this product.

Also, if your skin is very sensitive to pressure/metal surfaces- skip this product.  (if you’ve had issues trying face massagers or jade rollers, the pressure is similar).

Otherwise, check with your dermatologist or start with a LED light therapy at a spa first to see if you like the experience/results.

My results: (check the video for more progress shots)

Before light therapy: My skin wasn’t horrible (I’ve been working on it a lot using this method). But, it was dull, suffering from some breakouts, and a bit uneven.

light therapy for skin

After 2 weeks

led light therapy for skin

After about a month

led light therapy for skin results

After 60 days

led light therapy for skin results after 60 days

By the end I found my skin had less dark spots, the texture was evening out, and my skin was holding “that glow” better


The older I get the more I care about the quality of my skin instead of burying the imperfections under a mountain of concealer.

And a step to getting makeup-free, glowing skin is LED light therapy.

Also, if you’re a nerd and you need statistical data (which I fully support), here is a summary of several clinical trials involving light therapy for your skin.

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light therapy for your skin