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The BEST Glossier Alternatives: Ultimate Drugstore Picks

The BEST Glossier Alternatives: Ultimate Drugstore Picks

Glossier is a mood.  It’s honestly one of my favorite beauty brands, and let’s admit it- their marketing is on point.  But, while I love most of their products, I also burn through them way too fast to keep my bank account and beauty habits happy.

So, while i will continue to buys some* Glossier products, I’ve also found that finding a more affordable glossier alternative helps me save money to invest in the glossier products I can’t live without.

It’s all about balance right? 

So no need to go on a Glossier haul and come out the other end with a credit card statement that you just don’t want to open.  

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Here are the drugstore Glossier alternatives you need to know about:

Glossier Balm Dot Com

I’m not going to lie, I always have one of these on me.  The packaging is… Amazing. And just like most shopping addicts, I fall victim to marketing and branding.  And, boy, did they do something right with the nostalgic yet simple charm of this packaging.


HOWEVER, the actual product is basically identical to vaseline.  And now vaseline has their signature formula with slight color tint options.  So, save your money and resist the branding and opt for this glossier dupe.

Glossier Sheer Matte Lipstick in Cake


I love the nude slightly orange tones of this color. And the modern slightly sheer texture strength is so on trend for 2020. 

Oak + Fort Lip Tint  Color: Clay

Color Wash 3199 Clay 1

This is a VERY close match. The color is spot on and this glossier dupe even manages to give the same chic washed-out tone.  It adds a tint to your lips without that cakey, full lipstick look.  HIghly recommend at this price! Oak + Fort also has a lip tint that looks very similar in packaging, but I feel their colorwash series is actually a closer match to the texture of the glossier matte lipstick.

TIP: Use your finger to apply for that glossier look.

Revlon Matte Balm in Standout

A great drugstore dupe for the glossier matte lipstick in the zip color.  A bit more pigmentation but with a very similar effect.  Try blotting your color with your finger to the get the exact sheer matte glossier effect.

Glossier Skin tint


So I was an early adopter of Glossier’s skin tint. I loved how light it was and how it gave me that subtle glow. However, while I don’t wear makeup everday, the bottle did not last very long. And I found for the price (compared to other high-end skin tints) it wasn’t a great deal.

Nyx Bare with me Tinted Skin Veil

This was the closest drugstore dupe I could find for Glossier skin tint. The NYX Bare with me Tinted Skin Veil has the same coverage and same subtleness that the Glossier Skin tint has and they last approximately the same amount of time. It’s not full day wear, but if you don’t want full coverage these are very comparable to one another. The finish is a bit more satin, and still gives the appearance of that “no-makeup makeup” look. { related: how to get that no-makeup makeup look easily} 

PeriPera Ink Blurring Skin Tint

Slightly heavier but a very similar dewy, natural finish. A great k-beauty option. Sells out very quickly, so be sure to jump on it quickly! 

Glossier “Wowder” Powder

This powder is considered the “photo-filter” makeup. It makes you look like you have that perfect instagram beauty filter on, but IRL. Heres a full review of the actual glossier powder.  However, it’s a very small amount for the price. So check out the best glossier alternatives for the wowder.

Revlon photo ready candid setting powder

Slightly tinted powder that feels lightweight and identical to the glossier powder. And a fraction of the price! 

Glossier Blush Cloud Paint


The glossier blush cloud paints are gorgeous. When applied properly they give you a subtle tint of color that looks natural, and very model-esque. Natural, yet glowing… However, even beauty experts complain that way too much pigment comes out of the tube and it’s very easy to apply too much. The tube itself is not the most user-friendly option for how little paint you actually need to use. 

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Drops

The beauty blush bomb drops have the same glowy tint, with a very hydrating feel.  Hydration and glow is the key to Glossier products and the makeup “look”. They also have a much more user-friendly application than glossier cloud paint. 

Pixi By Petra Veil Blush in Watermelon

This is a glossier dupe for the cloud paint color puff. Similar texture, and look but a lighter pigmentation. 

Maybelline Cheek Heat

This is a gel formula that gives a dewy finish that you can “pat” on the same way as the blush cloud paint. Perfect for adding rosiness to your cheeks and the tip of your nose.

Milani Cheek Kiss

color: Nude Flush 110

This is a great glossier alternative for the cloud paint in the color dusk. Very similar texture!

And if you want a glossier dupe for the cloud paint in the color puff, try this shade.

Pink Sugar Sugartint Lip Sheek Tint in Color Queen Bee

This is the best glossier dupe for cloud paint in the color storm.

Innisfree Smart Drawing Blusher

This has a different application, but a very similar effect and mood as the cloud paint. My favorite is the cherry blossom paint. These sell out quickly, so buy them if you have the chance!

NYS Sweet Cheeks Soft Cheek Tint

glossier cloud paint in dawn dupe

color: Almost Famous

This is an almost perfect color match for the glossier clout pain in dawn. And, it is so affordable!

Glossier Haloscope


A glowy highlighter with major shine but no actual “glitter” flecks.  It has a high luminescence but blends into makeup easily and naturally.

Flesh Stick Highlighters

Shiny balmy finish with a very similar texture and effect. However, this item may be being phased out as it is harder to find lately.  I kept it on the list because your brick and mortar drugstore will probably have it or for now- the flesh website.  A good online alternative is the Flesh Glow Drops.

Elf targeted natural glow stick in color: fresh morning dew

It looks very wet and has a great subtle shine like the haloscope. It is a bit more muted than the glossier product, but can be built up easily. 

Wet n Wild MegaGlow Stick

This provides the same dewy sheen as the haloscope. It is a little “dryer” than the haloscope but if you add a moisturizer underneath its a great alternative!

Glossier Glosses


The glossier glosses are light in color, but shiny and well, glossy.  They are kind of an easy upsell for glossier but I don’t find anything about this product to be proprietary so opt for a glossier dupe like these:

Colourpop So Juicy Plumping Glosses

Princess Cut

I love a great clear gloss, and I love anything that gives my lips a slightly fuller effect. A no brainer to me. They also have this style of gloss in a selection of colors if you want more oomph.

Maybelline Shine Shot

A little stickier but a very equivalent look. A high gloss, topcoat, that can be worn on its own or on top of a lip color.  An affordable dupe for the glossier holographic gloss.  

Elf Jelly Pop Gloss in Cherry Pop

The cherry pop color is an exact match for the glossier red lip gloss. It’s high shine and a sheer cherry red color.

Glossier Play Liners

Those marketing videos of the Glossier Play Liners were so well done.  However, I’ve heard a lot of mixed results from these liners.  People say the application is very difficult and they tug at your skin when you apply them. The colors however, are fantastic.  So try these glossier drugstore options for an even better experience.

Colourpop Cream Gel Liners

Easier to apply than the glossier play and a very similar selection of colors. 

Glossier Lid Star


Very subtle eyeshadow, not an opaque look at all. Even the actual glossier lidstar is not for everyone as it can be a bit inconsistent and wear fairly easily. 

Rire Luxe Liquid Shadow 

My favorite is the color “nude glow”. It’s not quite an exact color dupe for the glossier lidstar but very similar in texture and tone.

Etude House Liquid Eyes Metallic

Very similar color, easier application.

Maybelline 24 Hour Metal Cream Eyeshadow

Very similar color options and the Maybelline 24-hour collection has great products in my opinion.

Makeup Revolution Eye Glisten

color: Yours Truly

This is a great alternative to the Glossier lidstar in the color slip.

Glossier Boy Brow


I love this product, not going to lie. It was my go-to brow tool for a long time. However, at such a small size, I burned through it fast, so I now opt for the following glossier boy brow alternatives:

Coloupop brow boss gel

At a very similar price to the glossier boy brow, this Colourpop option has almost four times the amount. It lasts way longer and gives that same bushy brow effect.

Elf Wow Brow

This is a great buildable brow gel that really allows you to emphasize your brows in a natural (yet slightly fuller) way.

Glossier Exfoliating Skin Perfector

A basic toner that is full of superhero skincare ingredient glycolic acid.

Mario Badescu Skincare Glycolic Acid Toner

Mario Badescu is one of my favorite affordable skincare lines.  And I am a diehard fan of this toner specifically.

Glossier Jelly Milk Cleanser

This is an effective and gentle gel cleanser that manages to also be creamy. It’s perplexing but does work well, especially for sensitive skin.

Bliss Makeup-Melt Jelly Cleanser

Can you see the similarities? This is not only cheaper but also has the same gentle, wet, creamy texture as the glossier milk jelly.  A very similar formula in general. 

Glossier Futuredew

glossier futuredew

So we all know Glossier as basically the main driver in the beauty industry for the glowing, almost glazed, skin. Futuredew is their hybrid oil-serum that gives you just that moisture-filled, glowy look. And the serum hybrid allows it to last much longer than a typical facial oil. It also seals in your skincare and brightens your skin over time.

Glossier Futuredew Alternatives:

So we are looking for products that have a squalane as a main ingredient and that provide that moisture and glow.

Milani Glow Drops

This product has a squalane which will give the same benefits as futuredew and provides the same glowy/glazed finish. It does have coconut oil in it, which can clog pores on some people (but at this price, it’s worth testing out!). But otherwise the ingredient list and results are very similar!

The Ordinary Squalane Serum

Squalane is the secret sauce to Glossier’s futuredew and The Ordinary’s affordable squalane serum is an easy way to support moisture and hydration in your skin. Add a light oil on top if you want to match the glowy effect of futuredew.

Elf Glow Radiant Moisturizer with spf

While this product does not have squalane, so it is not a perfect dupe ingredient-wise, it does offer a great natural glow all day. If you want the same look as futuredew, at a fraction of the price, this is your bet!

Glossier Products that I personally skip (and most beauty gurus agree)

There seems to be a consensus that Glossier’s mascara is not worth it. I’ve only tried a sample of it, but obviously there was a reason I never went in for the full product.  It’s just… nothing special. And I love a natural lash look. 

Definite skip.


Glossiwear is their subtle attempt to capitalize on their genius brand imaging and upsell an easy product. Except the product is overpriced and really not worth it. The sweatshirts are cute, but unless you’re a diehard glossier fan, it’s a skip. 

Skip the fancy headbands (which may have been discontinued as of this point)  and opt for a few clips from amazon instead.

I love these kid clips for keeping my hair out of my face (during skincare/makeup) and even wear them out since they are a hair accessory trend right now. [ hair accessory trends for 2021]

For more affordable options, check out this page. 

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You’ll want to have this ultimate list on hand, so be sure to pin the image below for safe-keeping!

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