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The 6 perfect outfits every NYC girl will be wearing this fall

The 6 perfect outfits every NYC girl will be wearing this fall

So summer is almost over, and well, it might have been a bit lackluster.  Socially distanced, masked donned, and limiting travel aspirations.

But, with fall and winter right around the corner, it is time to refocus on what we can control (ahem, register to vote), but also to find ourselves through our fashion.

And let me tell you, pretty much NYC style reigns supreme when it comes to perfect fall outfit formulas.  The nyc girls have this covered.

So, let’s get into the perfect NYC outfit ideas

Nyc Style Outfit Idea 1

nyc fashion style outfit formula, split ankle leggings, oversized blazer, chunky boots, and men's shirt. fashion blogger gabrielle arruda

nyc fashion style, formula 1 blazer, split ankle leggings, heeled boots, and oversized tee on fashion blogger gabrielle arruda

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what you need:  Oversized blazer, split ankle leggings

With this outfit, you can opt for a loose tee OR a men’s shirt underneath.  Both are on-trend and master the NYC fashion style.

So if you didn’t know, split ankle leggings are one of the hottest legging trends for 2020, and you can find out everything you need to know about them here. 

And, if you read my site, you know I’m a diehard fan of the oversized blazer, and so is basically every NYC style icon out there.  It’s the perfect layering piece and can be worn so many different ways.

If it’s extra chilly, try a cute graphic sweatshirt underneath. [how to wear a graphic sweatshirt and look put together] 

What to keep in mind with this NYC style idea?

This outfit is balanced because the leggings are fitted and the blazer is oversized. Pairing these two opposite silhouettes together helps you from being swallowed up and still allows your figure to be highlighted.

Opt for high waist leggings to elongate your legs, and pair it with a loose white-tee that is half-tucked.

Now, what shoes go with this NYC fashion?

For shoes, you can try anything from a combat boot, a square toe boot or heel, or even just a great pair of flats.  Pretty much any shoe works with this NYC outfit, just be sure your overall proportions are balanced.

Also, if you choose a statement shoe, make sure the rest of the outfit doesn’t draw too much attention.  You want a central focus to your outfit and the other pieces should be supporting roles.

Exact Blazer and leggings:

oversized vintage blazer

NYC style outfit formula 2

NYC fashion style outfit formula 2, straight leg jeans, oversized tee, blazer and sneakers

what you need:  Blazer, Tee, Straight leg jeans

Nyc fashion is all about relaxed sophistication.  And similar to Parisian fashion, Nyc style has adopted a love of loose fitted clothes.

For this look, nothing should be too tight and nothing should be super oversized.  Straight leg jeans are the perfect option for this look as they provide a great foundation for an easy, cool outfit.

If you want to add a more trendy element, you could opt for asymmetrical closure jeans, which are a huge jean trend for 2020.

Keep the jewelry minimal or focused.  For instance, layering gold necklaces would be a great option for this look.  For more info on layering gold necklaces like a fashion pro, check out this post. 

nyc style layering necklaces mixing both silver and gold jewelry

What to keep in mind with this NYC style idea:

With this look, you want to keep your aesthetic clean and simple.  I would suggest a no-makeup makeup look, and I have the perfect tutorial for it here.

And if you want to add a hair accessory for interest, check out these that are popular for 2020.

You could also do a brown eyeliner, like this, which is a super popular makeup trend coming into fall.

What shoes go with this NYC look?

For this look, I love a classic sneaker, or you guessed it, a combat boot.  NYC style usually involves a lot of traversing the city on foot, so sensible footwear that is stylish is a must-have.

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NYC style outfit formula 3

nyc fashion style knit dress

NYC fashion style outfit formula knit dress

what you need:  A knit dress, tights

Nyc style is all about embracing comfort AND style.  And let me tell you, in fall and winter knits and tights are your best friend.

Black tights are ESSENTIAL, and you can read about more ways to wear them here. 

This look is kind of like wearing your pajamas out but in a super chic, put-together way.  So whether you are remote working, or braving your office, this NYC fashion idea will be a must-try.

What you need to know about this NYC style:

Knits are comfortable and easy to wear, but make sure you try it on and review it in front of a mirror first.  Depending on the type of knit or stretch, each dress will hug your body differently.

And maybe it’s just my intermittent body dysmorphia kicking in, but I don’t love it when they hug my stomach in an unflattering way.  This is in NO WAY meant to be about body perfection, but rather about body comfort. And I don’t know about you, but I feel best when I feel comfortable in my own skin.

So choose a knit dress you won’t be uncomfortable wearing all-day and one that highlights your best attributes.  I would opt for a less body-conscious silhouette if you are using this for business casual.

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What shoes go with this knit dress outfit?

I love a simple slightly heeled boot for this look, it’s classic and should be fairly easy to walk in.  You could also go for combat boots if you have a more casual day planned, or even heels to dress it up.

NYC girls love a great sneaker with a knit dress too, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. just watch your proportions.

NYC style outfit formula 4

nyc fashion formulas, the skirt suit

what you need: The skirt suit

The skirt suit is one of the fall fashion trends for 2020, check out the full list of fashion trends here. 

This trend has some flexibility. You can actually buy a skirt suit that matches perfectly, or you can do a mock suit as I did here.

This outfit can be dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a white blouse.  I personally love a men’s white shirt and consider it a staple in my wardrobe.

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What you need to know about wearing a skirt suit:

In order to make this look current and avoid looking too dated, opt for a slightly looser or even oversized blazer. Avoid a super fitted, women’s blazer as it will not express the same sentiment.

This look has a nice balance because the skirt has feminine vibes, and the blazer is easy with as more traditional masculine shape.  This creates the most modern interpretation and the details of this look will make or break your outfit.

What shoes go with this NYC fashion style?

I love a good chunky combat boot, and  I think we will be seeing the chunky boot stay around for fall/winter 2020.

You could also try a knee high heeled boot.  Just watch your proportions between your skirt hem and the height of your shoe.

NYC style outfit formula 5

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what you need: Miniskirt with tights

Mini skirts in fall are actually a style you can sometimes overlook.  But, pair them with a pair of tights on those chillier days, or a chunky sweater and you are good to go.

The “shacket” is also a popular fashion staple for nyc style right now, and pretty much any heavier weight shirt will suffice.

NYC fashion formula outfit idea with mini skirt

What to know about this NYC fashion style:

Tights will help you transition the mini skirt to fall, or on more temperate days you can pair the mini skirt with knee-high boots.

You can wear a fitted turtleneck or a looser shirt with a mini skirt.  However, if you opt for the turtleneck I would do a classic loafer or boot with it to make it less sexy overall.

For accessorizing this outfit, try a hair scarf or a great pair of earrings.

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NYC Style outfit formula 6

NYC fashion style outfit formula layering the turtleneck

what you need:  Turtleneck, jeans, layering piece

Ok, the turtleneck is another unsung hero of the fall-winter wardrobe.  Check out my fall capsule wardrobe for the perfect foundational fall pieces.

I mean, Audrey Hepburn, turtleneck.  Get it? It’s a perfect piece for fall. I would opt for simple jeans, a turtleneck, and a layering piece over.

Depending on your style or the weather your layering piece could be a men’s white shirt knotted in front ( for a bit of 90’s supermodel vibe). Or you could opt for a blazer over or even a trench coat.

This outfit is classic, and will always look stylish.  To make it a bit more trendy, opt for a trendy accessory like a fashion-forward purse or statement earrings.

What you need to know about this NYC classic outfit:

I prefer a more fitted turtleneck for this look, so look for one with lycra in it.  These are my two go-to turtleneck options.  They are affordable so I don’t feel guilty buying a few for my closet.

fall capsule wardrobe 2020 fitted black turtleneck

Since this is a classic look, add a more trendy vibe with your accessories.  You could even add a super trendy hat, like the bucket hat.  Here’s more on how to tackle that controversial trend.

When you have a classic outfit formula, you don’t have to keep it classic to keep the beauty of the look.  So don’t be afraid to integrate some trendy details to level up this perfect NYC style.

What shoes go best with this classic NYC outfit?

I love a classic boot with this outfit.  But, you could also try a heeled loafer or classic ballet flat.

Pair attention to what type of jeans you’re choosing and make sure the proportions of the jeans and the shoes work together.  For instance, if you choose skinny jeans, I would not do a traditional heeled pump, as this can actually make your legs look shorter, and is generally a bit outdated.

Other NYC outfit ideas that might be popping up in 2020:

Billowy dress with classic sneakers (or combat boots)
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When transitioning summer to fall, take your billowy dress and make it fall appropriate with a pair of sneakers and a great pair of hoops.  (add a layering piece if necessary)

Turtleneck and Slip dress:

Rock a turtleneck under your slip dress for that perfect 90’s vibe.  {90’s outfit ideas you need to try)

Chunky Knit and Trousers:

nyc outfit formula monochromatic sweater and trouser

I mean, this is a classic.  To make it even better try a monochromatic version.  [how to wear monochrome fashion]

Add an athleisure touch:

summer fashion trends prada re issue bags

Nyc fashion loves to mix in athleisure with trendy silhouettes.  Check out this post all about athleisure, or how to make sweatpants look cute IRL here. 

Silk Skirt, Boots, and Cardigan

Cardigans have been popping up as a trend since 2019. Their most popular iteration for fall 2020 is the more 90’s style cardigan like the one below. If this is showing too much skin for you, you could layer it over a turtleneck.

That’s everything from my NYC style bible, and let me tell you these NYC outfit formulas will save your style when you don’t know what to wear.

Sometimes it’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about taking what works and making it your own.  So don’t be afraid to add your own flair to each NYC style guide.

And while NYC girls do LOVE an all-black ensemble, don’t be afraid to add a little color here and there.  Here are the fall-winter 2020 color trends guide you need to know about.

Now, unpack your knits, get out your pumpkin candle. and embrace the colder weather!

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